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100% story missions


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It took me a month to realize there were more story missions that I didnt know about, turns out I was too high honor to see them.

I realized this while grinding in a posse and talking to a few others who had done them, I looked and was 75% so last night. for the first time, I went and got on a roof in St Denis and slaughtered anyone who moved and their horse and lowered my honor to 75% low honor, and tada 3 more missions became available, now I am 100% with story missions.

I just thought it was funny I played them all early on, then moved on, never thought about them again, so after 2 months at level 105 I finally had new missions to do, lol.

I later realized they do hint to this in certain places and times, but I had missed it.

So if you are wondering why your story missions arent 100% in "progress" you probably need to lower or raise your honor.

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