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Hi guys !!! I was just curious to know any ideas for the new showdown series and new cool feature that possibly could be added. I just wanted to hear some ideas.

I was thinking how cool could be a showdown series where one team plays as sheriffs and has to escort an armoured wagon from point A to B and B to C before the time finishes and the opposite team has to ambush them on the road. I think it would be pretty fun !!!

Maybe a showdown series where one guy has a juggernaut vest and the opposite team has limited lifes  and has to kill it !!! 

Wagon races would be fun and a good laugh  !!!

Would be fun bring back same as GTA5 that you could put a bounty on other players !!! 

And hopefully more American natives clothing and weapons, or possibly new melee weapons which we can modify !!!

 Need a Donkey that you could buy at the stables!!!

Maybe add more choices as how and where you wear your gun belts.

just some nice ideas i had !!!!

please let me know what do you think and what other ideas you might have 

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2 minutes ago, Kean_1 said:

Hi Dmax and welcome to the forums.

You may also want to submit your ideas through R*'s Feedback website here:


There are taking suggestions so you might as well take advantage of it.  ......and of course discuss your ideas here too with the community.

thanks !!!

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