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Upgrade from 4-7 Posse


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I guess the game was just messing up and I was able to upgrade it in the next session I logged into...after three tries. Oh well, sorry!


I cannot seem to update my posse member cap to 7 members instead of only 4. I've tried moving my camp and upgrading it to large camp, but that does not work...Any ideas?

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Dumb question from me, but you formed a "Permanent Posse", right? (I can't recall if you do this before or after you're able to call in a large camp)


I believe a Permanent Posse has a one time fee of $200 RDO$

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LOL k, sorry. I'm not sure what's going on. Last night I tried joining my brother's permanent posse, it worked fine on his end but on my end it said I was the only one in it and I couldn't see him as light blue, but I could see his waypoints setand after loading into a mission it worked fine again.

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