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Public Enemy Mode Arrives To Red Dead Online


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Red Dead Online gets a new Showdown Mode and Free Roam Event today, bringing more traditional banditry to the multiplayer game. Players will also be rewarded with a free item simply for logging in, and new clothes and camp upgrades have been added.

Public Enemy Showdown Mode is the newest addition to Red Dead Online's long list of structured PvP game modes. A variation of the Team Deathmatch mode, two teams face off, trying to hunt down the designated Public Enemy on the other team. Killing those players who aren't currently the Public Enemy nets you no points, so the key to victory is to protect yours while hunting down theirs.

The mantle of Public Enemy keeps being passed between players at a quick rate, so communication is key to success in this Showdown Mode. Make sure your team is always aware of who the two Public Enemies are, so you don't accidentally go killing or protecting the wrong players.


Alongside Public Enemy a new Free Roam Event has also been added to the game. Railroad Baron takes the classic outlaw act of robbing a train and turns it into a competitive event. The train carts are moving capture points, and everyone who accepts the invite to the event needs to maintain ownership of this control point for the longest period of time.

A number of new clothing items have been added to Red Dead Online, including the Bellerose Hat. One tint of this hat is automatically unlocked, free of charge, simply by logging into the game, with additional tints available. Other clothes include the Flores Vest, the Calhoun Boots, the Raccoon Hat and the Shaffer Chaps.


Players can customize their personal camps with a new flag and a new theme added in today's update, and a fresh upgrade is also available. The upgraded tent will recharge your character's cores faster when resting. Additionally, all Provisions and all items from Wilderness Outfitters are 25% off.

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