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Just a thought, what R* can do to counter attack griefers.


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Just a thought I had to counter attack griefers. 

Allow max honor players to become Marshals.

So when a player presses charges against a griefer, any player Marshals in the server can help assist the player that presses charages.

Example: Player presses charges against a griefer. Any player Marshals in the server can accept or decline to help the player.

If the player Marshals accepts to assist the player that presses charges. The griefer's red dot will show up on the map. Doesn't matter if the player Marshals is in Tumbleweed and the griefer is in Saint Denis.

With that said, R* must implement a passive mode between the Player that pressed charges & the player Marshals. Or I see griefers becoming Marshals just to shoot both the griefer & the player that pressed charges.

So if there are 20 players in a server & 5-10  players are Marshals. All 5-10 players Marshals have the option to accept the players charges and assist in helping killing the griefer. As griefer hate getting killed. Even more if other players start to team up on the griefer.

As of right now it is pointless to press charges against someone. cool R*, all that happens is the griefer's dot turns a darker red. lol 

Just a thought I had, allow good honest players help police the servers. 

R* can charge a price to become Marshal x number of gold bars or in-game currency and give us a nice little Marshal badge on our chest.

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The problem with that... griefers are already baiting players into shooting first and then pressing charges on the griefed player. So add in some well intentioned lawmen players, suddenly the griefer has another 5-10 guys helping him grief.

a system like this can’t be put into place with what we have as is. It’ll just compound the existing problem. But, I do hope down the road they tweak the agressive and enemy system to be a little smarter. Perhaps recognize ‘antagonizing’ as an act that makes you agressive and an enemy to another player (it sure seems to be that way towards NPCs). Then we can start working the lawman angle in and they would less likely be targeting the griefed.

Even more, I’d like to see a system where ‘bad’ players end up with a bounty of some kind where other players can collect the reward. Bad players being those who are being legitimate outlaws in the game, and likely griefers will end up taking on some decent bounties.

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As I mention just a thought, I think players would learn real fast not to be baited by griefers and shoot first at griefers. If players knew there was some kind of assistance for them if they got killed and press charges.

But I agree the system needs to be changed. Problem is most players think def mode is like passive mode on GTAO or expecting that when first start playing.

 As this is a perfect system for griefers that are excellent free aim marksmen.  Griefers with blue dots and in defensive mode don't care if their dot becomes extremely red after killing some other player in def mode.  plus the b.s that they can just ride away before you spawn in and disappear from you minimap.

That's why I use the companion app, which does help with griefers that kill me and ride away while I'm spawning in.  I can still see the map on the app and see which direction the griefer is going. So when I spawn in I can head in that direction and find him and shoot him in the back with explosive rounds.

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