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HI all, 

I never looking in the off topic section until now and saw the introduce yourself. :D

I've been playing Red Dead 2 since it came out and be playing online since day one of the beta.

I'm a rank 180 on Xbox. I mainly do daily's, hunting, fishing,  story missions & all the other activative in free roam. I don't care for strange  mission as most of them to me, feel like I'm a delivery boy. Take this wagon over here and take it back over there. lol I will go play Paperboy on Nintendo if I want to do errands.  I only do them when friends ask me to help out.

I keep to myself ,but if a griefer bother me and shoot at me. I don't care if he's rank 6. I got 50 explosive rounds for him. Especially in a game that a 6 year old can kill you easy with auto-aim. The whole point is not to die. But I have no problems trolling a griefer that shoots at me. I'll hunt him down until he quits the game or I get bored.

With all the cancer players in this game. I try to show other players that there are some good players here. So if I see a low ranking players hunting or at the butcher shop. I will give you my 3 star cougar or whatever I have. As I know the struggles with making money when you're a low rank.

take it easy you all.

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