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I have just watched the first episode of the Netflix western series, Godless. It's so much like RDR2, in its cinema photography, mood and music it had me scanning the foliage for herbs. There's an early train robbery, stealing from. a Leviticus Cornwall clone, complete with Duster-coated guards, which robbery is then hijacked by a discontented ex-gang member reminiscent of Dutch's usurping of the O'Driscoll's similar escapades . . . and many other similarities. The film so far though is more brutal than the game.

For RDR2 gamers I also recommend the Coen Bros, 'Ballad of Buster Scruggs' with similar stunning western backdrops and powerful stories in a series of short vignettes or chapters. 'The Meal Ticket' and 'The woman who got rattled' are especially poignant.


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