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Weapons Expert 6 Didn't Get Credit



I'm at 99.5% completion and need to complete the weapons expert challenge. I've been trying different things to complete weapons expert 6; I thought I completed it, but didn't get credit.

I went to Shady Belle and through the process of taking over the camp, I hogtied 4 Lemoyne Raiders. When I killed the rest of them, I put all four of them together and killed them with a stick of dynamite, but it didn't register.

Is there something I'm missing here? Am I not allowed to use guns while attacking the camp? I don't understand what I need to do. I'd hate to give up with .5% to go.

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The hog-tie method should work.  To get this one, I crafted a volatile dynamite stick and threw it into a bandit camp.  There's a ton of YouTubes on the hunting challenges, they can be great for ideas.

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