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Demons of Lemoyne [Ps4]


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Hello there!

My name is Elias and I’m starting up a new posse/gang/group called the Demons of Lemoyne. This group will consist of any level players who wish to play, earn cash, rp, meet new friends and protect others from griefers and other gangs. As the name suggests our main home is Lemoyne but traveling around the country will be encouraged. Our gang colors are red and black. 

All members are required to abide to a dress code: wear red. 



1. Greifing other members or players will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination from the group

2. Hate speech will result in a warning and possible termination 

3. Impersonation of a higher ranking member will be met with a demotion and a probation period of seven (7) days.

4. You are allowed to join other possies but you may not be a ranked member in both. 


If you think you would like to join me in this journey, please message me on psn (EliasTheEdgelord) 

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