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  1. Id totally be down to be John Marston or Arthur morgan. Being dutch would be cool too but im not sure i could pull him off lol
  2. Add me (EliasTheEdgelord) if you wish, ill be on alot
  3. If you want to join my posse (only me right now) or just play with a laid back low level character add me (EliasTheEdgelord)
  4. Im trying to start up a good posse, im a lone wolf right now though. Add me on psn if you play on ps4.
  5. Apparently rhodes is the go-to place for griefers now...and I thought saint denis was bad

  6. Same thing happens in other games too, definitely a country block. Try using a vpn if you really want to play.
  7. I have the opposite thing happening, temp wont affect my character, which is great and all but really breaks my immersion
  8. I keep headshoting someone (cross hairs pop up after fireing aimed at head) but the enemy wont die? Is this a glitch or a feature?
  9. Ive loved rdr 1 for a long time, when i finally got money to buy it for ps3 i was amazed with the open world and detail, man was i excited to get rdr2. I love games that can be so realistic and still so fun. I especially love details like npcs commenting on blood stains on your character
  10. Kill him if you haven’t already and loot the letter off his body, its interesting. You can also find pictures of gavins friend in a normally non accessible room in Rhodes if yiu glitch in
  11. Oh oops my mistake. What i should say is its an ever changing rockstar game like gta online, we had alotta glitches at the very beginning but hopefully as time passes they’ll fix them
  12. I had an issue like that but in a different game, the only fix i found was a new router so it might be that
  13. A unicycle!! But honestly i like just having horses because it fits the story/time period/ lore or whatever
  14. Ive had this happen but ive also had something of the opposite happen: random pelts showing up on my horse. Games still in beta so i guess just expect these glitches and just be careful
  15. Went to the photographer in saint denis 



  16. I cant wait to use it, i feel like 20 posts is a tad much but i dont make the rules lol it makes sense tho
  17. Mostly improvements, better hairstyles + beard styles, ability to buy wagons, more camp customization, more things to buy (houses? Pets?) more posse mechanics (ranking system, ability to make posse larger or smaller, posse flag/patch/clothing, posse specific missions) bank robberies, ability to be a lawman, carriage driver, ranch hand or another job.
  18. Hello everyone! my names elias and im just here to meet new people to play rdr2 with or just talk. I play on ps4 and am on most nights ( i work a night shift so im on between 12am and 9am on most days)
  19. I’m trying to start up a friendly posse, no one in it but me at the time of posting, waiting for a few friends to get the game.
  20. Im trying to find people as well, used to rp in all different games and i find it fun. Id definitely host a session for rp
  21. Hello there! My name is Elias and I’m starting up a new posse/gang/group called the Demons of Lemoyne. This group will consist of any level players who wish to play, earn cash, rp, meet new friends and protect others from griefers and other gangs. As the name suggests our main home is Lemoyne but traveling around the country will be encouraged. Our gang colors are red and black. All members are required to abide to a dress code: wear red. Rules: 1. Greifing other members or players will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination from the group 2. Hate speech will result in a warning and possible termination 3. Impersonation of a higher ranking member will be met with a demotion and a probation period of seven (7) days. 4. You are allowed to join other possies but you may not be a ranked member in both. If you think you would like to join me in this journey, please message me on psn (EliasTheEdgelord)
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