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RDR Online - good game but it has real problems


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I played the solo/story mode for nearly two months before trying the online mode. Overall, it's a good game, but some things are very frustrating for me, at least:

  • Nights are way, way, way too long.
  • Seems like night is the default time. It's night almost every time I log in. Night almost every time I try to do a mission. Night when I try to see my wardrobe in the dark. So frustrating.
  • Wildlife is very distant and not nearly plentiful enough. Yet it seems that whenever I'm on a timed mission, all of a sudden there's a lot of wildlife very close. If that's really how Rockstar built the game, it's terribly unfair to players. Racing through a timed mission (and mostly at night), you can't take advantage of the suddenly plentiful game animals.
  • Logging back in at wildly random places far from where you logged off is also very frustrating. If it happens to be daylight, you spend most of that precious light racing to where you actually want to be.
  • In addition to it being night for so long, there's the fog or mist atmospherics that make it very difficult to see much detail a lot of the time.
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dude its cruel world of wild west, picky ones wont live long and happily there XD

besides its an Autumn day shorter night long and cold, seems like in winter season it'll be polar nights in wild west.

btw i'm the type that prefers night ambient.


wild life bugged, when u change sessions in plenty of seconds lots of animals around, but later going something with it.

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Made me laugh as my brother is always bitching that it’s nighttime!

It does feel that way sometimes but the clock cycles through the day/night in a timed and predictable manner. I’ve never checked it but GTA online days I think were 48 minutes and consistent across all servers, I’d imagine RDO to be about the same, so it depends what real time you log in as to whether it will be day or night.

I try to plan around it, night is good for some activities - I find eagle eye works better at night so it’s a good time to do collector or hunt certain animals. 

The fog can be frustrating if you’re hunting or doing certain activities but I love the weather effects in the game - really sets it apart from most.

Wildlife can be a bit sparse but at the moment I think that’s because the servers are really busy and most people are doing trader activities. I concede that doesn’t explain why there are suddenly loads of animals when you start a timed mission though. Most of the missions I have time to stop and take down some 3* animals if I need them.

if you log out of the game and then log back in using “Free Roam” option you should start roughly where you logged out. I always use the Story menu option to quit from the game rather than just turning off the machine but I’m not sure if that matters. If this is not working right for you then you should report a bug to R*.

Persevere and enjoy the game in its semi-realistic state before R* ruins it with mechanical flying horses packing heat seeking missiles when they run out of Wild West authentic ideas.

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