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  1. Best defence offence and dont forget to master tonick use, itll help alot, btw new pvp video below, in middle prime fun.
  2. Never without One , Strange Medicine, Cold Blooded, Slow and Steady (tank stile setup) for dead eye chewing tobacco.
  3. Its no so terrible to rank up in BH i did it solo. The higher rank of it the better missions ull get. Easiest way need Pose leader with high rank and constant repeat Barbarella Alkazar mission 4 ppl can go to mission. I with low lvl BH rank each get more than 1000 role xp each. Than go to fast travel and look other BH spots for Barbarella or $$$ rank mission between. in video time anchor on rewards. Btw it looks like more mission from Saint Denise, Strawberry, Blackwater, Valentine works fine. But personally i have other kind of bug, each time compleating Barbarella and after using map i have constant crashes of RDR2 it shown on video too.
  4. Each time BH mission starts by black screen and teleportation u would not get any rewards except gold. It known bug.
  5. my first solo run on it 5* difficult.
  6. beat here solo and with mate today, really fun. Currently converting video of it so ill share it soon.
  7. yesterday beat Barbarella **** (four star grade) and u know i was really enjoying of difficulty lvl on mission. Really want to try 5* now.
  8. indeed played those maps couple of times and as u mentioned they feels great. And for some time played them. Mostly time played on showdown large it's always rush mess fells more like arcade with instant resp-kill, time to time. Those karagans ranch, the manor, rodes , and forest elimination maps feels much more like tactics game play maps i really liked them.
  9. Its normal to kill others player ( rival hunters) bounty etc., because this event about who best in catching it, so u must somehow keep ur targets alive or just stockpile dead bodies. And yeah it is common tactics most of ppl on this event trying to screw others. Just ignore them and make ur business there.
  10. Btw how to deal with duellists? Time to time meet some couples of idiots that trying to kill each other in front of me.
  11. Currently owned arabian one and this horse begins to irritate me with its personality. Scares everything, trying to run-out, etc. Seems like time to try MFT.
  12. We have an interactive map in fact u can check directions with it. So radar is just on screen map with onscreen access.
  13. i wonder what the price of those super bounty head delivery alive ?
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