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  1. Apparently selling collections and bounty hunter payouts are now fixed.
  2. Yup, same here, can't sell collections to Madame Nazar in person or at post office (only individual items). Only get gold for bounties. Might well be getting the triple XP as R* promised for bounties but sadly triple zero is zero. Didn't try a trader delivery. Fortunately Nazar doesn't take your collections so nothing lost there. Typical R* release - break stuff that was working with patch release. Not sure why they needed to even touch the code of the stuff that's broken, it's not like they introduced that much new content. Amazed there were still animals in the world. Gold payout for daily challenges is now half what it was as well as streaks being reset at 28 days. Probably what it should have been in the first place, and it wouldn't be that bad compared to the other means of getting gold but having had the feast of 0.5gb per challenge for so long it feels like a real loss. The cynic in me would say the collections selling is broken on purpose so that people can't rank up the Outlaw Pass so fast as before. When its fixed we'll probably see a massive downgrade in xp payout for collections.
  3. Fair play to you - I just use the camera to take really shoddy photos of legendary animals! 😁
  4. Interesting. With my prolonged hiatus due to the game being broken in the spring/summer my gb stock stalled at around 1000. But its building again now, just got back up to max multiplier for the dailies. Equating the mansion price to GTAO properties when they came out I still need to save a lot more for when the private luxury paddle steamers get released lol.
  5. Summer update was fine for me - didn't see too many disconnects and the game was fun again, playing in a living world. But yesterday's update is the **** up of all R* **** ups with this game. Several failed to loads, 5 BSODs, no animals, no camp, missing kit, and best of all - complete inability to target anything let alone shoot it. They need to roll back immediately on that one because that is total FUBAR.
  6. I seem to remember hammering the original contact missions in GTAO for months and months without any new content release, to the point I owned most of the original vehicles which turned out to be absolute garbage but with nothing else to spend money on I had to have them. I'd given up on the game some time before heists even dropped (and let's not forget the game was originally a legacy console generation release - I played the story through on PS3 and then on PS4!). Returning to it when they released heists it was never the same and the game truly dropped off a cliff after that. Loads of content releases, sure, but trash that just made griefing more and more prevalent in the game. RDO approach has been better except that they broke existing functionality with the new stuff.
  7. I'll give it another go at some point but I last tried a couple of weeks ago and it was no different and then I got into Stranded Deep.
  8. As Kean_1 said, the story mode was easily well worth the cover price of the game, online has always been a bonus. I even went back to storymode recently due to frustration with online - it shows the game at its true worth, so much better than the current online entity. The game feels much more alive and even though I've done 100% completion I was still finding new and surprising dynamic events in the world. I still love the game but aside from my stint in single player have barely played in the past few months. Having enjoyed the online version through the good times the current state frustrates me when I log on. A bit like how GTAO became for me but for different reasons. I can't help feel R* shot themselves in the foot (remarkably for an established game developer) by making gold so easy to come by. There is zero need for micro transactions in RDO so its dying a slow death due to insufficient investment.
  9. Same here. Once again, it seems you can have animals or camp but not both.
  10. Have been finding occasional animal spawns for the past week so I wouldn't say any change people that have been away for a while are noticing is down to yesterday's update. I was shocked on Saturday as I actually managed to find 7 medium animal carcasses to give to Cripps (wasn't easy but I did manage it eventually).
  11. Update looking really good so far - no animals seen (not even a rat in the cave) and digging up a coin causes my character to relentlessly walk into a tree forcing me to reload. Which fails so I have to restart the whole game....
  12. Animal spawns were better yesterday but still not back to normal. Loading after dying seemed to take an age. Downloading today’s massive update to see what that brings. The absolute best thing about yesterday’s update had to be the train running the route from St Denis to Emerald Ranch with no track! If you try to stay on, even in the driver cab, trees knock you off to your death. I don’t know how they manage to introduce some of this bizarre sh*t to a game that’s been out over a year!
  13. Had a solo session last night from doing a bootlegger mission so actually had cause to use the hunting wagon for a change. I still find it spawns in the last place you want it and then I lose skins because I have to walk beyond the range of the radar to collect the damn thing. It's also annoying that while you can summon it out of nowhere you can't get it to follow you around or come closer to where you've wandered off to. And I thought bison hides might work the same as alligator skins but no, they want to take up the space of a large carcass in your wagon. I didn't bother trying yesterday but I'm guessing Cripps still doesn't count large carcasses donated from the wagon towards the daily challenge? He wasn't counting the small alligators I was handing to him either yesterday though - I'm sure they used to count but its been so long now since I've found any to give him I might be misremembering.
  14. Too much $$$. Especially as they screwed themselves on micro-transactions giving away gold too easily. I'm amazed every time I log on that the lobby has 24+ players - are there really more players wanting to play now than when it actually worked? I can only assume they actually reduced the number of servers since moonshining came out.
  15. Won't being given the varmint rifle just confuse new players? Other than using it to collect bird eggs from nests there's no point to the weapon at the moment, there aren't any fricking varmints!!
  16. In the handful of occasions my hostility has been heightened its taken in-game time to return it to low - going offline and coming back the next day or so doesn't do it.
  17. I’ve had my horse burn itself to death but not my camp dog
  18. It was just before Christmas when I had it pop up. I've not played the game for any amount of time since then to know if it has been a regular thing. The working version you experienced might have just dropped with the Tuesday update though. 😉
  19. Had that mission a while ago. But it was broken. Forced me to fast travel to my shack then I had to ride to Valentine but buyer couldn’t be taken off revenue agent’s horse so I had to let timer run down before I could go back to what I was originally doing.
  20. That's about right, its just missing the doll dress-up simulator aspect. I want to drop the game completely right now but I can't bear the thought of being back at the foot of the daily challenge ladder when they actually give us RDO back so I still drop in every day but play for as little time as possible.
  21. All I can say is thank **** for that! My opinion of the winter conditions may have been somewhat tarnished by the other issues with the game since the moonshiner update but I really didn't like the snow in RDO. Everywhere looked much the same, visibility was appalling all the time and the world looked really bleak and uninteresting. Yesterday I spotted my health core being affected by warm weather - I was in the Bayou but there was still snow on the ground and conditions were the same as they had been when I'd had to keep cold weather gear on all the time. I checked and it was 25 degrees C!! 25 degrees and snow on the ground, not exactly realistic. As you rightly said, hopefully we can get a patch soon and get our old RDO back so that I actually want to play the game again rather than just log on to do dailies.
  22. Not been able to find anything conclusive on this so far, my guess is it’s not in the game yet.
  23. I know the map, I know how to get from A to B, I know where to find all animals and herbs, but I still have a lot of use for the in-game map function.
  24. Well, i should clarify I’m talking the moving map part of the app - the only useful part. The app itself still exists.
  25. In game multitasking is probably easier if you set down the liquor 👍 Seeing who the blips are and having the ability to see their movement on a map rather than just their relative location on a tiny radar is key to evaluating if they will be a threat or not.
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