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  1. There are things that are wrong with the game but I don't think the economy is one of them. Prices don't stack up to a real world sense economy, true, but they make sense within the game. Nothing is too much of a grind to afford, unlike in GTAO. At the same time if there was no grind and you could afford everything you wanted within a week of playing a couple of hours a day the game would be long since dead. Since the roles update came out I can't understand why anyone would buy gold with real money to progress in the game, R* have made it too easy if anything.
  2. Not saying people wouldn't do that but amazingly R* seem to have set it up that its not worth the trouble. If you're doing a full 100 goods distant delivery, a posse member stands to make $312. If they do what you say and hijack the wagon I think they have to take it to their own camp to steal the goods (not sure, never done it) which is a major hassle to them as it may be a long trek from your delivery point and they have to fend off 1 extremely irate ex-posse leader to win.
  3. Been a problem for ages. Then it seemed to get a little better. Then in the last few days it seemed to get a LOT worse. The cynic in me would say this latest downturn has something to do with the game releasing on PC...
  4. Its set in stone which weapon(s) you can use to take down an animal at 3*. Might not be correct for the real world but it is what it is. Bow is worth carrying around for filling the satchel with perfect small carcasses that you can donate to Cripps when you're struggling to fill the materials bar or the challenges of small and perfect carcasses come up together.
  5. The Black Arabian is a gold only purchase, unless they changed that?
  6. I did notice that raven feathers were the same value as turkey feathers. Ironically, with that change the animal spawn fix is less important. I thought animal spawns seemed a bit better i.e. there actually were some on a server of 20+ players but I didn't see enough to declare it properly 'fixed'.
  7. Don't let some people on here hear you speak of the Breton in that way!! It's a decent horse but overhyped imo. I'm levelling up a Criollo at the moment, seems decent enough. Every horse seems to have a tendency to annoy after a while so now I have money I keep them all saddled and switch between them fairly regularly.
  8. Any idea why the weekly update is a day early this week? Good job I did the last Bounty yesterday and didn’t leave it til tonight. Didn’t play for long but the update appears to have introduced a number of minor but annoying changes: when dropping off materials with Cripps it no longer defaults to the donate tab of the satchel, butcher and Madame Nazar I suspect may also be affected but I didn’t use either of them to check. The metal detector appeared to need a more deliberate control motion to select than previously. And when exiting the game via the Story menu item, pressing down on d-pad no longer takes you to “exit game” or whatever it’s called directly - you have to scroll across sideways. Little things on the face of it I know but fecking annoying when your brain has dialled in the muscle memory for these actions and now you have to reprogram. Can’t see any good reason for the changes, just change for the sake of appearing to be working on the game.
  9. If only R* could get the event to work properly - yesterday it crashed my whole game and my posse-mate got the 0 goods earned screen. Still, its the only FR event I bother with so keeps me from getting bored with it I guess.
  10. If you give it time on a populated server I find they usually clear out quite a lot within 15-20 mins allowing you to set camp and find animals. It’s also not like you need that many animals to keep Cripps going. When animals are bountiful stock up on things you can keep in your satchel - teeth, feathers, small animals etc and keep your wagon stocked with whitetails and cougars for emergency cases. Also, switching servers by taking missions is more effective for getting on a quieter server than switching via the online menu.
  11. Yesterday I did a trader local delivery and had O’Driscoll NPCs chasing me down on horseback the whole mission, like you sometimes get on resupply or BH missions. Have R* changed this from just having a static gunfight at the delivery location? Made it a bit more interesting, I just wondered if it was an active change by R* as I’ve never had that before (in about 50 delivery missions). Added a small amount to the pressure I’d already put on myself of trying to do the distance travelled on delivery wagon challenge in 1 local delivery mission!
  12. True. But the problem that highlights is that R* clearly has its resources in the wrong place from a dedicated fan of the game’s perspective. As a business understandably they are following the money which largely comes from casual money-rich/time-poor gamers and kids who value shiny new things well above core gameplay mechanics. They appear to have shot themselves in the foot as regards the hardcore players adding any money to the coffers beyond the purchase price of the game with the collector role - there’s absolutely no need for microtransactions if you have any reasonable amount of time to play the game. At least until all new content just gets ridiculously priced like in GTAO...
  13. Outlaw is a good shout. Lawman? Protection racket? Contraband smuggler/distributor? I don’t see it happening but it would be interesting if in the role system you could lose xp and status for failing missions rather than it just being a one-way street. I’m still shocked that collector is as passive as it is - I thought when it was announced there would be some competitive element to it like fending off rival (NPC) collectors to claim the treasures.
  14. I had a resupply mission the other day which I ran out of time on without ever seeing a timer. Not sure if its the same issue but just adding support that seemingly this sort of thing can happen.
  15. They're still everywhere . . . . if you get on a less populated server. It is quite bad how empty the world is these days in RDO. The other day I was in St Denis on a quiet server and I couldn't believe how much was going on - I'd totally forgotten it can be like that as it's always a ghost town these days. R* really need to do something about this.
  16. I'd like to see "Bar Room Brawl" - Team or Last Man Standing fist-only fights set in the various saloons around the map. Complete with new moves such as flinging an opponent across the bar or throwing them out of a window.
  17. I'm pretty sure I found it on here in the first place so it was really just a repost, I just couldn't find the thread to credit the original poster. Thanks to whoever it was though! edit: found it - it was Vaderspupil.
  18. Fool’s Gold? Personally I hope we don’t see armour plate suits and handheld maxims in the game. In a Showdown mode things like the maxim wagon suggestion would be fine but I fear they’d find a way into free roam and it would be hell.
  19. Free Roam Event schedule: https://www.richardwestenra.com/rdr2-free-roam-event-schedule/ You have to be free roam and not in a mission at the time the event happens and you’ll get an invite pop up.
  20. Free Roam Event related to the trader role. Only pops up a couple of times a day which may be why you haven't seen it (assuming you are the required trader level for it).
  21. That's what I was talking about - hasn't appeared in there since week 1. Maybe a PS4 bug.
  22. Not sure why they don’t appear in the collector’s bag screen since week 1 but yeah, I use that map now anyway. It’s awesome and the author seems to keep making it better too with new features every few days at the moment. Great work.
  23. You're still missing my point, I don't think defensive mode is, or should be, passive mode. I'm just saying it doesn't work to combat what it is supposed to - imposing consequences for aggressive behaviour towards other players. It shouldn't have been necessary for the player to hit me for me to have a free pass to return fire and not be the one with raised hostility for the following period of time.
  24. Kind of wrote my post in the way I did to highlight that is the problem - someone can be the aggressor but if they just don’t hit you, either purposefully or though being sh*t at free aim, they get to be the victim when you retaliate against their behaviour. That’s not right.
  25. Another example of defensive mode not working - yesterday I'm picking up a collectible when someone rides in and starts shooting at me. Presumably they're rubbish at free-aim though as they don't land a single hit. I grab my horse and consider just riding off and letting it go but decide actually I'm going to dish out some payback. So I arm myself with a stick of dynamite and land the perfect hit on player and horse as they attempt to flee. They press charges so I'm made out to be the bad guy and get medium hostility status for the following x period of time.
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