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  1. I got attacked on a delivery for the first time the other day - ended up in quite the 2v2 battle. The opposition were really very good and after the wagon got destroyed they managed to make off with 2 of the bags and we delivered the other 2. Of course at the time I was pissed at missing out on the cash we would have earned but if there's no risk there should be no additional reward so I accept it as part of the game - fair play to the posse that attacked us (although as the battle went on after the delivery one of them did turn out to be an utter knob). That said, I do think the odds are stacked against the individual(s) making the delivery. First, you don't know whether the players you're passing are going to attack or not so you're on the back foot. If you take the first shot and they were going to leave you alone then you've brought trouble on yourself for the rest of the trip, if they were going to attack you're still in trouble. Second, you're an easy, sitting target on the wagon and trying to defend yourself while not crashing the wagon. Third, if you do get killed you then have to call for and wait for your horse to turn up and in my case this was a long way from where the wagon now was so my posse mate was in a 2 v 1 while trying to keep the wagon on the trail. Impossible task. I can see deliveries being really fun running with a large posse but on my own or just with a mate I'm sticking to local deliveries from now on.
  2. The changeover is midnight UTC - I only make this point as I’m assuming once daylight savings ends local times will change by an hour (e.g. UK is currently 1am but later this month it will become midnight).
  3. The role based challenges I assume are just as they exist now but to this point I didn’t think they had a daily streak associated other than the original one??
  4. The roles were too easy to max out and the Outlaw Pass was just a joke in terms of progression - to not have completed that yet even without the bonuses R* have been dropping you'd surely have to be playing no more than an hour a week. There will be more to come though and I like that the game hasn't become too complex too quickly (and lets face it, R* took forever even getting heists into GTAO, let alone all the business add-ons). I can't get on with GTA these days - I dropped it after heists for a long time and the complexity of all the businesses now seems overly involved and not really fun. I've dabbled with a few of them but it always seems to be a tangled mess of you need this property first to do this business (costing several million bucks), then you need certain vehicles (again, millions of $) and then you need to constantly do repetitive missions to keep it earning. There are too many of them and everything is ridiculously expensive, requiring a lot of grinding. There was a time I owned everything in the game, now I have $3m and can barely afford any one new purchase. Maybe I just left the game for too long. When I log back in to activate a bonus or earn something for RDO I just like blowing sh*t up and evading the law in a massive car chase. Pure, original, unadulterated GTA fun. Savage_Reaper nailed the problem - there will always be players that play so much they run out of content and out of boredom set out to ruin the fun for others. But you can never satisfy these people - GTAO is a perfect example - loads to do but still people just fly around on their oppressors griefing others for kicks.
  5. Is daily streak for role based challenges recorded separate to traditional daily challenges then? Or just as far as this bonus is concerned?
  6. Why is it that train challenges always seem to bring out the tosser in people online? Yesterday just after I got online and saw what the challenges were I had a train passing so jumped on to kill 5 birds. Straight away another player (blue dot) jumped on and came at me, killing me then killing the driver and stopping the train 100m further up the track. Clearly no intent to do the challenge himself, only to prevent me from doing so. This isn't the first time I've had this happen. Later I had some player start shooting at me when searching for violet snowdrops in Roanoke. I assumed he would be pleased I'd just killed the cougar enabling us both to search in peace but instead he took exception to my presence (did he think my picking the flowers would remove them from his game?). Shot him dead, and again when he returned then he chose to ride off so we went our separate ways. I generally take the attitude that the majority of players aren't wankers so don't have a shoot-on-sight policy but people like this make me think that I should. What stops me is that if everyone online took that attitude the game would be unplayable. I've never had too many problems with other players online so my policy usually works but sometimes taking my attitude and using defensive mode seems to me to put me at a disadvantage. I don't get too hung up on it - it is the wild west and I don't really lose anything from getting shot by idiots but I feel there should be more of a penalty for players that are just out to spoil the enjoyment of the game for others. There is no real consequence to being a complete **** in the game. Also, did anyone else have any issues with bird eggs yesterday? I had 3 spots where there was no sign of any eggs where there should have been. I've already sold the collection several times over so I know all the places that eggs can be hiding, they just weren't there - no vibration, no anything??
  7. Unlike some of the purchases in the other roles, the shovel and metal detector are must haves and they pay for themselves in no time. You need both for coins and certain other valuables and the shovel alone for all the dig spots dotted around the map.
  8. I never said selling items individually wasn’t a loss of income over selling a complete set - that would be ludicrous. Also, selling sets is a massive xp boost. But that takes time and a lot of luck unless you use the cheat maps. All I was pointing out was that keeping 10 of items can lose you cash and xp because you can’t pick up another if you find one - which is a possibility if using in-game maps or looting people. You seemed to be arguing the strategy of keeping 10 wasn’t losing anything.
  9. It’s not “glitched-out”, it works just fine but as I clarified, it’s not outright top speed that’s the problem it’s the handling and acceleration (a bit like the American cars you likened it to I guess). If you’re riding in a posse of all Bretons then maybe you wouldn’t notice but even riding with a posse member with a MFT you end up riding 15 feet behind from a standing start. its a good horse, maybe even very good, but it’s not perfect and my posts here are just trying to give balance so players reading don’t get the idea the Breton is the horse for everything and save up their cash only to be disappointed it’s not the be-all and end-all people made it out to be.
  10. If you have 10 of something in your satchel and you happen upon another collectible of the same type you won't be able to collect it so you are missing the opportunity for the xp and $ value for that item. I get that this doesn't matter to you at your level or your method with using the cheat maps but other players may not play that way or be at that level so I felt it was important to point this out. If you find collectibles just through the in-game maps and by chance you will end up with an imbalance of having more of certain items than others (duck & goose eggs are a perfect example of this or the abundance of chocolate daisy & cardinal flowers vs the others).
  11. If the top Breton and Nacogdoches saddle with the hooded stirrups is wrong then consider me guilty as charged. It may have 9 for speed on paper but when it can’t pull the skin off a rice pudding for acceleration and handles like a freight train it’s not a fast horse. I’m not down on the Breton, I like the horse, but my comment to James was that if he wanted a race car type horse the Breton would likely disappoint. My overall point was that there’s no stand out best horse for everything which seems to be what people are making out the Breton to be. It’s a good horse but it’s not perfect. For instance, if you’re moseying along or stopped and a panther strikes it will buck you to the ground whereas my Arabian would give me distance to deal with the situation. I also find that the large horses combined with the stupid default 3rd person camera angle make riding along the track as tricky as taxiing a tail-wheel aircraft.
  12. Regular bounty missions work the same, better still if you get the fade-to-black start to the mission (I presume that's the game loading you into a new instance thus respawning the animals). As long as you don't go anywhere near the target area you can hunt and use Cripps. Eventually the game gets wise and gives you a 5 minute countdown to get to the target area and start the mission proper but it takes a while.
  13. After my experience with switching back to the Arabian last night its a definite plan to use more horses. I just need more Nacogdoches saddles - had the panther saddle on the Arabian and it got annoying keeping running out of stamina. I also realised I didn't miss the lantern I have on the panther saddle. I have 3 ability cards left to max out then I think I'll buy the saddles... Out of interest - what situations do you use the Kladruber over the Breton? I have both but the Klad was really just makeshift until I could get the Breton - I haven't used the Klad since.
  14. I had the MFT before the Arabian. Loved it at first (replaced my Red Chestnut Arabian) but I find that after the honeymoon period all the horses tend to annoy in one way or another. Think now I've got more cash in the game I'm gonna saddle a few horses up and mix up their use a bit so I don't get so frustrated with any one of them.
  15. Yup, I still occasionally get on servers where animals are everywhere, luck of the draw. Evidence for your argument is circumstantial at best.
  16. If you're all about speed the Breton will likely disappoint. Its a decent horse but after riding it for a while now I'd say its not the super horse some make it out to be. I switched back to my Black Arabian last night as I was just doing some collectibles and it was like driving a supercar after plodding around in a transit van. The Breton is better around animals and gunfire, of course, but it will still get spooked and throw you in a lot of situations.
  17. Obviously, yes that's true (Madame Nazar even tells you as much when you sell single items). But you're wasting $ and xp if you hold onto 10 of items since you won't be able to collect any more that you find (could be from looting or collectible map rather than an active search). As with any collectibles, some items are more common than others so I have no problem selling off items I have a lot of as the rarer items will never catch up to make complete collections. On days where the "sell 3 collectibles" challenge comes up you have to do this anyway unless you happen to have a collection completed and ready to sell. I agree that the maps available online allow you to complete sets fairly easily if you have amassed a lot of collectibles already. However, if you only collect the few that you need each day there will come a point where you have to collect a large number to complete the collections and even with the cheat maps that is not a quick exercise.
  18. If you don't want to use the cheat maps from the internet use the in-game maps bought from Madame Nazar when starting out. Aside from giving you guaranteed collectibles and the XP for finding them, they'll give you an idea of what sort of places to look for other collectibles. I didn't find I needed to spend a lot of time dedicated to collector, just keep your eyes and ears open as you travel around doing other tasks as others have said. As with all the roles, doing the daily challenges is a massive boost to levelling up.
  19. Fair play to you but I would definitely recommend making an upgrade at some point. Obviously there are people that swear by the Turk, the MFT, the black Arabian or one of the new horses, there are different views on what horse is best and it depends on the individual but they are all massively better than the red chestnut Arabian. If you’re still using the free alligator saddle that is well worth replacing too.
  20. My concern for RDO, having initially been a big fan of GTAO but later disillusioned by it, is that R* introduce ridiculous weapons and vehicles that destroy the purity of the gameplay. So far the noises from inside R* are fortunately that they don’t want to go down that path with RDO - I really hope they remain true to that. I might consider buying the PC version if it looks sufficiently better or different to the console version but I’d stick with PS4 for online because of the sort of issues you highlight.
  21. I got the popup message yesterday but I don't think I got the cash. When I looked at what money I had I was sure that was the figure I had the day before. Also when I lost my horse I had to pay the fees as it said I didn't have insurance - I'm sure I bought insurance with the horse as I'd just previously forgotten to get it with the Bounty Wagon and had to pay out on that when it crashed. Been losing cash hand over fist this week, good thing its easier to make now.
  22. Agree with DNMNetTech & Savage_Reaper - before the update I was playing everyday but not a lot, just doing some challenges, after the update I was playing more but felt there was a definite change in the Black Arabian's temperament. So much so I decided to have a break from it and switched back to my MFT - it was not at all like I remembered it to be at all either. Think R* may well have changed them to allow more differentiation for the new horses. Regarding the 42 gold cost - I thought this was a lot at the time I bought the horse (and the panther saddle) too but then they introduced the double gold daily challenge bonus and now with the roles I have so much gold I wouldn't know what to do with it if there weren't such expenditures. I sometimes use gold to buy stuff that I could pay for in $ to save the cash for things like ability card upgrades.
  23. Yeah, it’s slow compared to the other roles to progress but the last 5 or 6 levels didn’t feel as much of a grind. I just targeted making one level per day - break it down into smaller targets. Doing the daily challenges was a big help. Trader was ridiculously quick once you got the bigger wagons - not sure what R* were thinking there given it was the role must people were interested in. Collector was finished without even focusing on it for any amount of time, again too quick. Feel like there should have been more onus on collecting full sets to level this role up.
  24. ...until I'll no longer be able to reset the 20 weekly streaks award!! I really thought this would be a one-off award but no, it turns out you can reset it. I should be grateful for the gold bonus from resetting it but I'd rather just be done with it!
  25. I assumed there would be bandits as it said you only have 1 life but I didn't even see any NPCs. Guess I went the wrong way but didn't see any point following the crowd of players around.
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