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  1. use a Controller - is better for the game
  2. i7 5720k OC, Radeon RX580 OC - optimal, awesome, no Problem
  3. narmin


    the Bretone has something magical ... i own them all now ... now also the rosemold ... i call you "Rose Namajunas" - is fantastic for 112 Dollar 😁 under fire in battle like a tank ... with good training in level 4
  4. narmin

    Mods for PC

    i hope there is no Mercedes as a horse 😎
  5. I have reconciled me with my black Arabs ... has he became bigger now?
  6. Ich habe es gerade vor 2 Wochen gekauft ... und ich bereue es. Ok, ist schnell, wendig und kein Hase, aber die Größe funktioniert nicht. Und ich habe einen ziemlich kleinen weiblichen Spitznamen. Wenn wir eines Tages wieder Pferde verkaufen können, ist es der erste ... Die Newbies, Bretons und Kladruber sind das Beste für mich. Ich besitze sogar den 150 Dollar teuren schwarzen Kladruber, den ich immer dem schwarzen Araber vorziehe Sind die Araber in Wirklichkeit wirklich so klein? foto ist der schwarze Kladruber - if I play defensive - I do not need a fast horse
  7. narmin


    yes - i celebrate the game ... 😍
  8. narmin


    did i buy the big tent - and this is Max, the 20 Bretone
  9. narmin


    when i switch to another hourse - i think i ride dressage ...
  10. narmin


    Es tut uns leid ... Bretone Gen: you have to ride a Bretone for a whole day ... and you start to love him ...
  11. narmin


    ok, all of them are under direct fire ... and I have all the top horses. I am excited about the Bretons. Have all: Two 20, a $ 550 and Ralf for $ 150. All great. and that's Bill, the blackbrown for $ 550, also very pretty and good
  12. narmin


    this is Ralf - 150 Dollar ... do you treat an Naco Saddle and you will be amazed ...
  13. Bretone: Karl, Max. Ralf, Bill Kladruber: Maximus, Kiddo Araber: Naomi MFT: Arminius Turkmene: Khan, Themütschin
  14. narmin


    for 150 Dollars you can't do anything wrong - a must have ...
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