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Recruit Me - PVE only - London timezone


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Hi, I have been playing lone wolf since launch cause all my many PS4 friends are at GTA still

I dont want to lead a posse, I want to help other posse as long as it focus on PVE and never start a fight for PVP

I like to help and to be easygoing and friendly, but I wont play showdowns, only Freeroam - PVE

Im 40 YO, have mic for parties, PS4, speak fluent English, Spanish or Portuguese, London/Portugal timezone, play mostly between 9 PM to 1 AM

I rank right now 140, have 7 horses, best guns, full upgraded stuff and at roles I rank as today - Collector 17, Trader 13 and Bountyhunter 2, and going up each day

One last important thing - I will not deliver live bounties, all my bounties will arrive stone dead at Sheriffs offices, the only rule I will insist for me, all the rest you are the boss, lol

Text me first at PS4 - LordLoff

Thanks and let's shake the dusty roads

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