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daniel 1102

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so I played a free roam event earlier today called manhunt.  and just wanted to share this out because I could not stop laughing at how many salty players there are actually on this game. 


for any who don't know the manhunt event is u all work together to capture bounty targets alive *keyword ALIVE* 


but many players get a bit upset and shoot the targets as u get them as they dnt like having fun.  or because u got the target before they did.   it just makes me laugh cuz they r so salty about it.  if ur gonna play the event play the right way or just walk away. not worth ruining the game over u being salty.  

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Its normal to kill others player ( rival hunters) bounty etc., because this event about who best in catching it, so u must somehow keep ur targets alive or just stockpile dead bodies.

And yeah it is common tactics most of ppl on this event trying to screw others.


Just ignore them and make ur business there.


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