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9/20/19 Frontier Pursuits Game Tips from R*


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Frontier Pursuits offers Bounty Hunters, Traders and Collectors alike the chance to explore the world of Red Dead Online at their own pace, progressing through one or multiple specialist roles as they carve out a place for themselves and seek their fortunes along the way. Whichever paths you're on, we've compiled some tips and tricks to help you on your way to becoming Distinguished in your field:   

Bounty Hunter

  • If you’re a Bounty Hunter who’s also pursuing the Collector role, keep an eye out for precious Collectibles while tracking down a Bounty. After clearing enemy guards during a Bounty Mission, make sure to loot all the bodies for a chance to find rare items such as Tarot Cards, Antique Bottles and Treasure Maps. Finding Collectibles while on these missions will also award you with Collector XP. 
  • As your Bounty Hunter Rank progresses, you'll start to see more lucrative bounties on the Bounty Board - the more difficult the bounty is to turn, the greater your reward.
  • Once you’ve reached Rank 14, evade enemy fire by ducking on horseback (hold L2/LT and press Square/X)
  • Want to rank up faster? Enlist your posse for help rounding up your bounty targets for bonus XP. 
  • If you're riding solo and want to bring back multiple targets, you can bring two bounties back at once by lassoing the second target and dragging them along behind you. Be warned: your straggler may not survive the journey.
  • Once you've unlocked Gun Spinning as a Bounty Hunter, double tap L1/LB, then hold R1/RB and follow the on-screen prompts to perform tricks. H/T to u/The_Synth_Potato on Reddit for posting this great clip over on r/RedDeadOnline:


  • Cripps prefers to work with full carcasses rather than parts. Prioritize turning in a full 3-star animal carcass rather than just skinning it.
  • To maximize profits, run Resupply Missions rather than purchasing Supplies. This way, you’ll also get Trader XP for the missions and rank up quickly.
  • Long-distance deliveries can be especially lucrative, but you can take on shorter deliveries in Defensive Mode to protect yourself from opportunists.
  • To maximize the yield of your hunt, stow up to three carcasses on your horse while skinning any additional animals you come across in the wild.
  • While your primary target should be big game, don't forget to look to the skies - birds can make for quick and easy kills on your ride back to camp.
  • At Rank 5, you can purchase a Medium Delivery Wagon to help maximize turnover on Delivery Missions; once you reach Rank 10, upgrade to a Large Delivery Wagon and purchase a Hunting Wagon to haul even more carcasses, hides and pelts.


  • Traveling Saleswoman Madam Nazar often packs up her wagon and moves on to new climes, setting up shop in a different location each day. As a keen-eyed explorer, you may be required to track her down without the use of your map – listen for the sounds of her gramophone when she is nearby. However, you won't need to visit Madam Nazar to cash in on her Weekly Collection list - after you've found the items, you can simply mail them to her at any Post Office location.
  • While purchasing maps is the fastest way to find Collectibles, don’t forget to trigger Eagle Eye as you ride past points of interest - you may stumble across a valuable item you didn't know was there.  
  • Loot enemy bodies often as there’s a chance you’ll find Collectibles on them - and make sure to check drawers and cabinets of any buildings you visit also.
  • Selling a full set of Collectibles to Madam Nazar will earn far more RDO$ than selling the same items individually.
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