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**Posse Recruitment Rules - Must Read**


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In addition to the general rules, here are some reminders and guidelines unique to the Posse Recruitment sub-forum that folks need to consider when posting here:


  • Each member is allowed *one* thread in this sub forum whether that is for the purpose of recruiting or simply to advertise yourself to other posses / members.  Additional threads will be deleted.  If you have a question or need help with your thread, just ask.


  • Don’t use fellow members threads to openly recruit other folks, advertise your own posse, etc.  If you want to respond to someone in their recruitment thread, let's keep the focus about the OP, their posse and/or their request to join one, etc.  NOTE: I am not saying folks shouldn't be able to let the OP know about themselves or their posse if that's what they are searching for (please do), but also bear in mind that it’s still the OP’s thread, not a vehicle for you to advertise yourself or your posse for the purpose of  recruiting others in the community, etc.  ......that’s what your own thread is for.


  • In the spirit of the forum rules, don’t post unless you got something to say.  Adding a post to your thread periodically to help keep it alive is fine but don’t be “that guy” that bumps their thread daily especially with words like “bump”, “up”, etc.  …..yeah, there are people like that and it’s annoying. ;) Seriously though, it's not only irritating but also unfair to the rest of our members who have threads in here as well. Posts of this nature will be deleted. 


  • If you post a thread looking or gauging interest in joining / forming a posse, etc., please show respondents the courtesy of a reply.  It's frustrating for those searching to submit a post in response to your request only to be ignored.  It also has a tendency to bury other threads where the OPs still actively engaging with the community.  Threads that are found to have MIA thread starters may be closed at our discretion.  


  • Don't use a posse thread to "call out" the leader or other posse members you may have a problem with. This fall under the naming and shaming rule. If you have a problem with someone who has broken forums rules, is misleading community members, etc. report it to one of us.


As mentioned earlier, the general forum rules will still be enforced in this sub-forum as well as the additional guidelines. Threads created that ignore these rules will be deleted so please, don’t abuse this community tool that has been made available to all.  …..as continued misuse won’t be tolerated either. 

Thank You




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