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Limited Edition Clothing can be purchased online with a direct link to the Catalogue.


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Hi everyone,

New user here, really like the look of the site.

Basically there is a reddit post gaining some traction that I won't link incase that's against the rules, but we have relised that the limited edition clothing can always be purchased if you use a direct link to the catalogue online.  They have a compiled quite a few different ones but its becoming hard to track them down as you need an exact link.

I was wondering if anyone here has the Morning Tail Coat link from the catalogue for male and females.


This link takes you to a variation of the male outfit but we are trying to find other colours and the female variant.  Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated . If I can link the post ill edit this comment and add the relevant information.

Thanks in advance fellers


Screenshot 2019-09-26 at 16.15.38.png

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*EDIT* Well that was quick! Rockstar have patched this. Amazing how quick they can issue patches when it jeopardizes the carrot on the string of playing a game you paid for on THEIR schedule.

YAASSSS I've been following that post on Reddit all morning and even linked this forum in the comments, thanks for bringing this here, to my other RDO home

Basically ANY limited stock item you may have viewed or purchased in the past may still be cached on your browsers history. The links are specific to item, gender and colour. There's a list being formed over on Reddit and I've managed to buy a few items I had missed this morning. If possible I'd request a bend in the rules to link the info compiled thus far from the original Reddit (to credit all involved) to be hosted permanently here.

@Kean_1, your updates have come in handy to see what was added and when.

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