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Rockstar Releases Patch... Now game DOESN'T work!


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Are Rockstar actually trying to sabotage their brand?


After finally getting it to work after 8 hours of trying various fixes on release day, this evening they release a patch that has BROKEN the game again (for me anyway).


Game was running perfectly earlier today, I logged off for a bit, when I go to go back on RDR2 is crashing and im getting the following message. Tried renaming the file to start fresh. Now ill try to validate the files.



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On 11/8/2019 at 8:57 PM, R3PUL5E said:

This is how I resolved the issue, first updated windows (AGAIN) new patch since yesterday. Then disabled Spatial Sound then turned it back on. COuld be an isolated issue, or others may have the same problem.

I heard a lot of people are having issues with this game and Windows. I feel like maybe Rockstar didn't test the game since the last big Windows 10 update or something. I am hoping the issues get sorted soon. How has the game been for you since you did this?

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