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  1. I often forget the area and end up having to deal with the issue. Not sure why it happens but they should allow us to have saved markers on that map that stay so we can mark the area and no to avoid it.
  2. Let me know if you have any success with this cause a friend was asking the same thing just the other day. I have no idea how to do this stuff so I didn't know what to tell him lol
  3. Yeah you can make use of that and what Kean mentioned. The animation is great for the first 10 times but gets old fast so people were fast on figuring out ways to speed it up.
  4. It depends on how much I play it really. I don't typically go back to older games myself but I will watch others playing retro games. I love watching speed runs of games from the 90's.
  5. I noticed this too. It was not this bad back in January. It seems like there are downpours that last days in game and I can't seem to find a way to change it. It can be pretty annoying when you are doing certain missions.
  6. Yeah I was not a fan of how they did weapon management. Feels like they could have did a lot of improvements here. Like mentioned, you have the option online but not offline which to me, is just silly.
  7. This is what made me give up on the herbalist challenges. It never seemed to work right all the time. I still don't think I ever completed it.
  8. I wish I had thought of that. Regular birds don't seem to count and I didn't realize this for the longest time. I assumed chickens didn't work either. Would have saved me like several hours knowing this lol
  9. From what I remember, you collect all the cards and get them. I don't remember needing to craft anything but I can be wrong. I only collected the cards out of habit, not really to get the reward. mizTik might know more about this than I do though.
  10. Always seeing Florida people in the news too LOL As for the OP's question, I would say yeah somewhat. I feel like spending more time indoors tends to make anyone feel a bit caged and down. Maybe try getting out and getting active when the sun is out? Even just a walk.
  11. Yeah you really can't make friends on console anymore. I used to be able to in certain games but it is so much easier to be social on PC for most games.
  12. Coyote

    EA Access

    Wait, this is only $4.99 a month? Is that the normal price or a special price? That seems like a pretty solid deal if this is the normal price.
  13. Bluegill like cheese so stick with that. You can find them in any river or lake but they are most active when it is raining. I find it is best to only fish for them in the rain myself.
  14. Not going to lie, I would probably eat that. Looks really freaking good. I am a stew guy. I never had bear meat though. I do enjoy rabbit and deer meat. I never been big on duck. Did he make anything else from RDR2? I like how he did it old school too.
  15. It amazes me given all the issues they had with RDR2 and GTA V combined. Remember when GTA Online launched? It was a mess. People couldn't connect probably for weeks.
  16. The keyboard setup confused me at first. I mostly play with a controller now, just more convenient and I can sit back but it took me a while to learn everything on the keyboard in terms of controls and options.
  17. Thanks for posting this. I was wondering about what you earn myself. I didn't know I could get more than $300. This is good to know.
  18. How long did it take for them to make the last one? Like 4 years in total? If they are making one, it probably won't be released until like 2023 at the earliest. Also, I want the game to be set in America. What city have they not done yet that would be good?
  19. I feel like I would be enjoying the game more on console, honestly. Seems like people on PC have their own groups they stick with. When I do manage to get people to join to do missions, heists, and such they either back out right before it is about to start or they leave in the middle of it. So annoying.
  20. There really isn't a fix for this. It could be lag like you mentioned or it could just be a hiccup in the gaming mechanics. I know people who play PC as well as console have expressed issues with this before because it happened to me. I was looking up information on it before, found nothing useful. You could report it as a bug. Rockstar likely won't respond for something like this but if enough people report it, maybe they will get around to fixing it.
  21. I noticed this. I am not a gun enthusiast and never fired a gun but I have watched enough westerns to know this isn't how it should function.
  22. Welcome to the forum! Like Kean said, post any questions you have in the right sections. There are plenty of people here who can help, give tips, etc.
  23. I don't spend enough time in my owned spaces to buy something like that. They have a Prime deal, might only be for PC users (likely is) where you get the arcade for free. I gotta remember to do that. I been playing on and off since it went on sale in December. I think I am level 47 but I am kind of stuck. Can't find anyone that wants to do heists in any lobbies and I am broke. lol
  24. I got one of those cheap Chinese brand ones off Amazon and I have to say, mic and sound wise, it is pretty good. I think I paid $22 for it. Lights up blue on the side. The mic is a bit quiet but adjusting my sounds a bit and people can hear me fine. You'd be surprised what quality you can get for cheap now.
  25. I mean I asked him like 5 times and he assured me he didn't. He don't mess with mods either. So I dunno. lol
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