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4k tv settings and console or pc version of RDR2


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So, 4th times a charm I guess, I have had the game for over a year, played it to completion three times and got my online character up to level 291.

I was looking at the pc version and graphics and then looking for Stadia info because I really would love to see it at 4k/60.

I was getting 4k/30 with my set up but it didnt feel it.

I decided to look at my tv settings and realized I have two or three settings that are specifically for the refresh rate/vsync, they were set to their minimum values and said to increase the refresh rate and reduce judder turn them up, so I did and TADA !!! its like a new game!! 

I cant believe how much clearer it is, the graphics are the same, but the fps have increased dramatically.

When I would ride on my horse and look to the side before to see something it would be blury, hard to focus, etc..I got used to it and managed, but now when I look to the sides it is crystal clear, like a cinematic mode all the time sort of effect, it looks amazing and has inspired me to play it yet again!!

every step of the way as I go through the game is blowing me away it looks so amazing I am loving it all over again.

I cant believe I had the game a year and never realized I had the ability to increase frames per second in my tv settings, I just never thought about it.

So, if you do play on a 4k display, you might have some settings in there that are designed to help reduce artifacts and judders and issues that if you try them you may find that you get better frames and smoother play.

Ive played the game at 1080p and 4k and now 4k / 30 or smoother and the difference is night and day it is like a different game, more breathtaking that ever, my next stop is to look at Stadia to see if I can run it at 4k/60 as they claim but I want to see at what quality they run it at on their servers, if it is as good as the xbox one X I am all in with it, but we have to wait and see, I think it releases in a day or two.

I loved the game before this, it looked amazing, I only had a little slow down in St Denis or Valentine or sometimes around fire and trains and lots of people, etc.. otherwise it runs pretty smoothly all the time, but now as I said it is much better than I was used too, I am so glad I took the time to look into it, but wish I had done this a year ago.

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