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When Posting Technical Issues **PLEASE READ**


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When posting technical issue and troubleshooting topics, please keep in mind that RDR2.org is a fan site not affiliated with Rockstar Games or TakeTwo.  We are simply fans like you of the game.  However, we do have a knowledgeable community here with all kinds of backgrounds and experience.  Chances are, someone might have the same problem as you and possibly even a solution or helpful advice.

Also, we would encourage you to submit a trouble ticket with Rockstar if you are having problems with the game.  Even with known issues it's important that people continue to submit their reports with R* as it might help provide them with an idea of what the problem may be and perhaps even expedite a fix.  Try to be as descriptive as possible in your feedback.

Below is the link to the Rockstar Support site.  Responses are typically within 24 hrs during the week IME but I believe they ask to allow 48:


You can also submit suggestions and various feedback here if you wish, although you will not receive a response.  This link is more like a suggestion box of sorts that Rockstar monitors:


If you find a resolution to your problem, please report back what worked for you.  You solution may end up helping someone else.

....and please follow the rules.  Please don't artificially "bump" or create duplicate threads on the same subject, etc.  Everyone's issue is just as important to them as your's is to you.

Thank You 

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