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RDR2 vegetation stuttering on PC


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Are you using the game ready driver 441.12?

Have you tried to verify the game files from the launcher?

If so maybe you could try different graphical pre-sets and different engine (try both Vulkan and dx12) and see if it goes away, then its something in there you can change to fix it. 
I would guess some AA setting in combination with choice of engine, but that's just a guess and would be the one I looked into at first.

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On 11/19/2019 at 3:03 AM, VincentFvega said:

Hi, I have Red dead redemption 2 on gtx 1060 3gb and my game is working fine but every time I come across trees and plants, they start stuttering and moving in a funny way. I tried tweaking the graphics but no luck. Anyone knows how I can fix this annoying problem ? 

You're using DirectX 12 aren't you?
Try Vulkan.


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