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Finish Showdown in any Showdown Series


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The daily challenge yesterday. I'd done all the other challenges so I thought what the hell, I'll give it a go. Trouble is I don't do much PvP and showdowns don't appear to be referred to as showdowns in the menus anymore so I have no idea what R* are talking about for the challenge? I selected the most recently added PvP mode via the quick join menu and even though it turns out to be free aim I see it out to the end and only quit back to free roam once back in the lobby. But it doesn't count for the challenge? This happened the last time I tried to complete a showdown challenge too.

Am I selecting the wrong mode? Or via the wrong means? Or is my game just glitching in not counting the completion of the event?

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7 minutes ago, Freakshow9191 said:

Join it from the showdown series on the map screen, OR go to the series fast travel points physically with your character in free roam and join it. 

Thanks, I did think of trying via one of the physical points but was too lazy to seek one out and ride to it.  😂

When I've done it in the past and it would work I used the Online menu (rather than the quick join) but I didn't think it should matter what joining method you used.

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