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  1. Yeah that works now. Around the beginning of 2020 that became an option when they did an update. Kinda ruined trader role though. IMO. When there's no risk of losing your stuff it just seems kind of boring to me. Just going through the motions. Its like choosing a legendary bounty, and when you load in , you find the bounty already hog-tied and sitting in front of the sheriff station. Wow, that was fun.
  2. I did vape nic free for about a month, But less and less each day, as I knew I really wasn't getting anything from it, I just naturally began to pick it up less, until one day I realized I hardly touched the vape pen. Now I do neither. Still have cravings though. I guess that will never stop.
  3. I've noticed this several times recently. I haven't logged on for 5 days now largely due to this. It used to be for almost any or no reason you could lose your wagon, disconnects, glitches, whatever. Not sure when it changed, but now, like you said, there's no point in attacking a wagon. At the first sign of trouble they just quit game and that's that. It's lame. About the ONLY reason I play is wagon hunting. Its the hardest most exciting part of free roam, hands down. And now that we've lost it, I really don't have the desire to log on anymore. Let's just have private safe no shooting lobbies where the NPCs have no weapons, no predatory animals, no cliffs to fall off of or rocks to trip over. For those who like the new wagon behavior, I would ask...... If there's no challenge,or risk are you even playing a "game" anymore?
  4. (xb1) I recently took a few days off from the game, due to the bugs . Only to log on last night and experience problem after problem after problem. (Bugs, not griefers) All of us just logged off after about an hour in total defeat. Maybe a loooong break and a revisit to story mode is needed for me as well.
  5. Come on NFL, NO ONE wants the super bowl on Sunday evening. Towards the end everyone's checking the time, worried about getting ready for school and work the next morning. Ugh. So much better to have it Saturday, with a good Saturday night after party to follow it up. Is there some commercial/money reason they don't? Do you think it'll ever change?
  6. I think I may be in the minority, but.... I hope they keep the lobbies the way they are. (But fix animals of course) Its important to have an element of danger and uncertainty when you're out there I believe. I just see it working out that if I join an open lobby it would just be purely a pvp fest. If I go private it's boring eventually. I guess I like wondering if that player is gonna shoot or wave.
  7. I quit with using an e-cig. Took me about 6 months. Every couple of weeks I would have them reduce the nicotine in the mixture until I was down to zero milligrams of nicotine per bottle. So about 25 years of cigarettes, 6 months of e-cig, and finally quit. I realized vaping has its own risks, but without it I would still be smoking cigarettes today. Its what worked for me anyways.
  8. You will. But....as Enoch said, just when you get a big group going, all is well and right in the world, you're having a blast. Then.......here comes a stick of dynamite right in the middle. Never fails.
  9. Yes, we do them. Usually coincides when we're having a boxing match. Box a little in the pens at valentine. Then a duel in the barn nearby.
  10. Well it's up north east on the map. North of Brandywine drop, on the north side of the RR tracks. Out in the woods. Maybe someone can post a marker location for it. I don't know how to do that. It's part of a mission in story mode. And I believe there's an article here on RDR2.org about it. Called "a bright bouncing boy" . Might shed some light on it's location more exactly.
  11. I miss the days when roaming the map with your posse doing stranger missions was a thing. Getting into adventures, pvp along the way. Now, we only seem to posse up for wagon deliveries. Because everyone wants their own Cripps/Marcel working, and if you're in someone's posse yours aren't working.
  12. It's an accessory, with a couple of useful qualities. Especially when he comes and finds you to warn of a raid.
  13. All you can do is sell it. It's always baffled me that you can't break it down for several fillets. Big fish are just something fun to catch, not even worth the money really imo. I always just caught several other fish in the time it took to reel in one of those.
  14. Its not a glitch. No online character has a visible satchel. Except maybe one of those collector outfits. Seems like one of those has some kind of satchel.
  15. Well I hope you're right. We blew up a shine wagon tonight while doing a distant trader delivery with dynamite arrows. But we also hit it with more than one nearly simultaneously. Further "research" is in order.
  16. We tested that once early on when trader was new. I can't remember the exact dollar amount, but you do make more doing 100 goods distant as opposed to doing 25 goods 4 times distant. Not to mention being exposed to bandits 4 times as opposed to once. It's also worth noting the massive drop in price if your wagon isn't full. There is a big difference between delivering 99 goods instead of 100. Definitely be patient and make sure the wagon is full.
  17. And yes it requires you to buy the medium delivery wagon before it will let you buy the large wagon. Just make sure you "posse up" if you choose that distant delivery. I hear there are people out there that might like to steal it. 😜
  18. Go to the giant Tesla coil. Play around in that area, pick herbs, get in adventures, and jump off that big ass waterfall in the area.
  19. Deny the enemy transportation. Deny the enemy weapons change. Shoot horses first, and often.
  20. Knowing rockstar, their fix will be....flood the landscape with so much wildlife you won't even see the ground. You'll be walking on a sea of fur. And..... they'll break 3 other things that were previously working perfectly when they "fix" the animal spawns.
  21. Yeah, I thought that too when I first started. Seems to have no purpose. I named my character booger.
  22. I've heard the game is WiFi sensitive, and to hook up directly with Ethernet cable. I did that. And got "gig speed" internet. I still disconnect frequently.
  23. Well, that's it then. Go to YOUR map and start the mission. Good call Hanny.
  24. Dots. Blue ( blueberry) low hostility player, pink: medium hostility player, Red: high hostility player( can be seen a lot farther away on map). Cross is a posse leader. Translucent: player in defensive mode. Gold: complete daily challenges, the more you get done the higher your gold bonus is. Other than that, yeah, just grind it out. When doing stranger missions, wait till last 30 seconds in the safe zone before turning in for max gold. When you buy a hunting wagon your pelts are safe in the event of disconnects. Disconnects are kind of a way of life with this game. Defensive mode can help with your "random player kills" question. 80% damage reduction, people can't auto aim you, nor you them. Just make sure they cause damage to you first and turn red, then, you can auto aim and they can't. There is no guaranteed way of reliably having a private server, except when you start a legendary bounty. You will have no camp, but can go hunting. Lots of tips and tricks, but nothing really 100% Horse: yeah, seems bugged. Shouldn't do that. No, nothing wrong you can do to cause a half health drop every time you mount up.
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