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*Spoiler* it's about Catfish Jackson's Home robbery.


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Before the latest patches, this mission was so confusing that i came across posts about coming back after a couple of days bec gamers couldn't get the stash in the chimney or wherever. I too (on my 1st run) had the mission left open in my log despite robbing the place.

But i did it yesterday (2nd run) and only the kid was in the house reading (who i knocked unconscious). No money in the chest near his bed, no stash in the chimney either but i found the blue stash outside the house. This completed the mission imo bec it's no longer in my log. No more "Catfish Jackson Home Robbery - Investigate the homestead." Fyi.

Thank you RS. It's as it should be.

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Good to hear they are sorting out issues like this. I know when I was having trouble with a few missions my first play through, it was frustrating but by my second play through, everything had been sorted and I was able to full enjoy the game. 

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