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  1. I am really not sure why it isn't working for you. I can't think of anything you have to do special for this mission to start. Do you have an open save file you can save to? Sometimes that fixes issues in the game for whatever reason.
  2. They have some bad horses in the game in comparison to the better ones but if you stick to the upper or lower end with all your horses, the stats will be very close and you will struggle to notice a difference.
  3. I think if the legendary animal lines up with the challenge you are on, it counts. The only ones that wouldn't don't directly involve challenges or missions.
  4. Well this is one of the harder ones, I'd say cause you have to use a bow and cougars are no joke. In terms of locating them, easiest to find them down south. I'd get some poison arrows and shoot them from a distance. Wait until they die and then go skin them. That is the easiest way I found.
  5. I don't really have many issues people complain about online as per the game itself but I will admit, there have been times when modders and hackers have really gotten under my skin. I have done some reports for these players and I still see them from time to time online which makes me wonder if they are really doing anything about it.
  6. I can be pretty patient with a game. I loved the story and played it several times both on console and PC. I know that a lot of the issues for the game comes down to them not really prioritizing fixes players want or need. The game has giving me its fair share of trouble but I would say 70% of the time I have no issues with it so I will continue to play online and wait for the rest of the fixes to be rolled out.
  7. I haven't seen anything but I am really not sure where to be checking. Sometimes they announce stuff on Twitter and other times they just spring it on us. I didn't see anything on their site. I know they just did an update for the consoles but the PC version seems to still have more issues.
  8. Fair call. I just know people these days tend to rustle up attention on social media and if enough people keep at it, others notice and stories start and they are bound to take notice. But then again, this is Rockstar and who really knows how much they notice anymore. lol
  9. I like those ideas. Makes sense to make them functional somehow for the game. I never understood adding things to a game that serve no purpose.
  10. I think you have to lower all your settings to reduce it, like the overall setting for graphics but I am not sure. It happens too much, I agree with that.
  11. I never liked the way the camp functioned in terms of protection. I mean in GTA V, you go into your apartment and you are safe. We should have the option to have some kind of safe place in RDR2 Online. The way the camp functions right now doesn't cut it.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing the game return either but the likelihood of it being added for just expressing that we want it won't go far. Have to get others on board and bring Rockstar's attention to it. A good way to do this would be to get a discussion going on social media and tagging them. Link to the forum and encourage more people to post about it.
  13. This would have been a whole lot funnier if it was posted in Off-Topic though I would have felt bad for laughing. lol
  14. Doesn't seem to matter either way, all about what you want out of your camp and your preferences. If you have something else in mind for spending the money, go for that instead. Money is easy to come by after awhile. Can always upgrade later.
  15. I'll have to see if this is happening for me. I don't change my appearance often but if it does, I will be sure to submit a ticket for it as well, even though they likely won't respond with anything helpful at least we'd be letting it known it is an issue for more than a few people.
  16. It is hit or miss for me. The hunting has been an issue for some time. I am lucky to land on a solo lobby but even when I do, I am not guaranteed animals. The rest of the complains most people seem to be having don't effect me nearly as much as everyone else.
  17. I'd hate to cross you when your having a bad day LOL sounds like a blast though. You got a good setup for sure.
  18. It is one of the few things I do almost every time I play the game. Fun little role-playing aspect of the game I enjoy. I want more stuff like this to be added in.
  19. You really gotta start recording this stuff man. I am laughing just picturing it in my head. LOL The fact that you had to pay on top of this sold it for me.
  20. I never had this happen but now I want to see it. You happen to have video of this? Sounds like some great meme material lol
  21. Had stomach issues since last night. Feeling better today but still not 100%. Not sure if it was something I ate or what but I stayed home from work and been in bed most of the day. Decided to drag myself out and sit on my computer for awhile.
  22. Exactly, which is why we need to judge according to time if we are to do it. Hold people accountable to the time frame in which something happened. This all just reminds me of the people (mostly teens and 20 somethings) complaining and having fits in outrage over statues from our history because the statue is of a said person who owned slaves. You go back far enough, most people did and it wasn't only "racist white people".
  23. I think this is a case where you killed a fox, the game picked up on it, and the game was spawning in another fox right as that happened. I saw this myself a number of times with the smaller critters. They don't always just get up, they kind of "glitch up" into a standing position and run as if I just approached them.
  24. I want the one that is circled. I don't know what it is but it looks like a classic noob tube with a short nose.
  25. Saw the title and thought of the movie and now I want to watch it again. Been many years since I watched it. I must have overlooked this thread when it was originally posted. Damn, you reached 300 so fast. On console, I think I got to 165.
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