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posse abandoned the job pt2


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Trying to do a few bounties but for some reason, after accepting one, it comes up as "your posse abandoned the job".

It's happend a few times, but there is noone in my posse. I tried reforming (persistent posse) but same thing happening.

I quit out of the game and restarted, I then fast traveled to Valentine but same thing happened. Any ideas?




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Same thing happened to me a bit ago. I play solo though, don't have a posse and wasn't part of one. Still said "your posse abandoned the job."

Tried another poster right after, same board, that one worked.

So I wouldn't worry too much about your posse being bugged or something. The game has been quite glitchy the last few days with all sorts of stuff. I'm sure they'll sort it all out eventually.

You should feed your horse, by the way. :)


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Thanks for the reply.

I've now abandoned my posse because today, while solo, I ran a Moonshine delivery. Half way along the root, you guessed it, "your posse abandoned the job". I went to the saloon for the drop but nowhere to drop it.


Hope it dosen't happen on my trader delivery.

You were also right  flu007 no posse at all now and bounty mission abandoned again.

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13 hours ago, DarkCringer said:

The problem is, at least in my case, I cant do bounties, trading, moonshining, or even missions. That's a large part of the game broken.  

yes, my trader was hit with the bug yesterday. I didn't loose the goods ($500 run) but the mission abandoned. Unfortunately I tried it again. 

I reached the destination. Parked the wagon over the yellow delivery area and fought off the bandits. It then went cinematic (as normal) for about 30 seconds, then my wagon disappeared along with the npc's and no payment of $500. Not happy

Tried another moonshine delivery No Payout.

Tried trader supply run, get supplies back to camp no completion.

I'm done

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