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  1. The player menu, or Free Roam menu, can be accessed by pressing L while in free roam. Several handy things in that menu, the Stable is one of them.
  2. That one popped up for me a week or two ago. Hadn't seen it before or since either. Thought it was for the poppy recipe thing at first, but nope. Mine was on the back of a horse, think I caught up with them somewhere between Rhodes and Valentine (starting from Manzanita.)
  3. A tip with regards to this: try driving in "aim mode." Basically, start driving and then aim down your weapon and keep aiming (for PC that means holding down the right mouse button.) When you do that, the horses take control of the wagon and follow the route, slowing down for sharp turns or water crossings etc. No more bottles lost due to hitting a bump in the road too fast since I started doing that.
  4. Yeah, I suppose that would work. I usually just do the challenge with an actual enemy though, no shortage of those around. This was more of a "crime of opportunity" thing. The NPC was hostile to another player near me, who must have angered him somehow, but then was messing around with him or didn't want to kill him or something. So I just had a go at it, instantly turned red, and pointlessly dragged the NPC behind my horse for several minutes, heheh.
  5. One time I went from full honorable to light red in one go by lassoing an NPC and dragging it behind my horse. Maybe try that? (I was trying to do the "drag an enemy NPC 750m behind your horse" daily challenge. It didn't work, game didn't consider it an enemy I guess, heheh.)
  6. Funniest glitch I had, some time last week, was when I fast traveled from camp to the moonshine shack, and somehow Cripps tagged along. He wandered off into the woods near the shack, so I shrugged and went inside. Started a moonshine delivery. The checkpoint was quite close to the start, got stopped and attacked, and yup, old Cripps showed up near the end to help out with the last few revenue agents. That amused me.
  7. Just to add to this: you'd have to get to Trader level 4 first to be invited to the Trade Route events though, but yes, that'd be a way to play it. And the Trade Route events are quite fun.
  8. Yes, I'd like this as well. I spent way too much time early to mid game in the single player taming crappy wild horses, bonding them, and then selling them off for 30 bucks, haha. And one of the first things I did once I opened up free roam online was tame a better horse, but then I discovered you couldn't keep it or sell it. Perhaps they could even expand it to breeding horses somehow.
  9. I can confirm that this is indeed a thing. Happened to me at least once. Perhaps more often, but I don't normally pay close attention to the mission rewards popping up. But a few days ago I happened to notice this. I haven't sent in a bug report yet. (I was only 99% sure I picked the right buyer, and wanted to test if it happened again, but then I kinda stopped playing as much and haven't done a delivery in a few days.) If it happens to you consistently, might be a good idea to send in a bug report.
  10. I've not had the Trade Route thing happen yet - though I haven't done one in a few days, I've just been doing a few dailies as well and been checking out another Frontier game (Planet Zoo) - but I had the issue with the collector's maps several times the last few weeks. Restarting the game always fixed that for me. (Possibly changing lobbies might do the trick as well, not sure about that.)
  11. Also funny - though perhaps not so much for you: I just logged on for ten minutes to do a few dailies, as I've been doing the last few days. So I drank some alcohol, cleaned some guns, changed my buckle, and as I drove a hundred yards out of camp to quickly find a horse to jump onto, I got ambushed.
  12. I've mentioned this before, but I'll repeat it: if the main concern is not losing bottles, there's really no need to race through the checkpoint. I've been playing them "as intended" - stopping at the checkpoint, waiting on the wagon while they check - and when they turn hostile, I just jump off the wagon and run to some nearby cover, usually a rock, and kill the revenue agents. I've lost 0 bottles that way. The one time I lost 1 bottle because of revenue agents was during the chase afterwards. 99% of the time they come from a good distance behind you and there's plenty of time to pick them off while driving in aim mode, but one time a couple of them popped up from behind a turn in front of me and I lost one. You're much more likely to lose bottles because of a bump in the road or something, so I generally auto-drive in aim mode now, then stop at the checkpoint, then aim mode again to deal with the chasing agents. That makes the horses slow down at rough spots, especially crossing through water or over bridges were the points where I tended to lose one or two bottles because I'd hit those points with too much speed when driving manually. I used to get waved through a lot, but since I hit level 20, they made me stop at the checkpoint every time, and turned hostile every time except once, something like 13 out of the last 14 times. I assume that's random though, or I'd have seen others mention this, but it did make me wonder a few times if it was by design, heh. And to be clear, I'm also really not offended if you use other methods to complete the delivery missions. Play whichever way works best for you, I don't mind at all. My main point of contention with Darconius is about the following, though: Granted, I'm old and my digestive system is not what it used to be, but how on earth do you have time to take a crap during a delivery mission? They're super short! You must have a lot of fiber in your diet.
  13. I agree. I did it in the beginning, to get the gold to unlock the roles etc. But once I didn't really need the gold for anything specific anymore, I stopped doing it and just complete the missions whenever I complete them.
  14. Did one earlier today, worked fine. In fact, I've not had the infinite load screen in quite a while, at least 15 or 20 deliveries ago.
  15. (On PC.) The glitches with the moonshiner role were pretty bad the first week or so, but since then it's been much better for me. Don't think I've had any the past 15 or maybe 20 deliveries. I'm level 20 and generally only do them to fulfill the daily challenges now. For those alone it might be worth considering leveling up to level 10, since they tend to be pretty easy/fast to complete. Most you get is having to do 3 bootlegger or 2 story missions, but pretty much every day there's at least one of the three where you either have to dance or play with the band for 2 minutes. There has also been one where you have to drink some of your own shine, and the one where you have to make a special moonshine recipe also only takes a second if you have the ingredients (because you can complete it by just buying the mash and adding flavor.) So for those who only log on for 10 minutes a day to uphold the daily challenge streak, there's often one or two easy moonshine options.
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