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Camp and Properties

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Online game mode, xbox one platform.  How do you get to "Camp and Properties", I am trying to become a moonshiner and can't figure out how to get to that selection.  I already was given the letter and met the lady when she shot at Cribbs.  I want to now move forward and become a moonshiner, but am driving myself crazy trying to figure out what I am missing.

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Hmm. There's a Camp and Properties option in the Free Roam menu, but I don't think that's how you get the Moonshine shack? Not sure. Even though it was only a week ago, I don't quite remember. I think the option to choose a location for the shack just pops up at the end of the cutscene where you meet Maggie at Emerald Ranch though? Could it be that you don't have 25 gold bars so it didn't appear, maybe?

If you do have the 25 gold, maybe something worth trying is launching the game with the Moonshiner option in the main menu?

(Mainly a guessing post, sorry.)


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Anything is better than hearing nothing.  I have the 25 needed.  I have tried launching with the Moonshiner option choosen as well, driving me crazy, I know it has to be something simple that I am just missing :(

Thanks for the reply.


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