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Red Dead Online and Modder Problem Discussion


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I played with a friend today and ran into a modder.


It was actually kind of immersive. The dude was a vampire, he was invincible and unkillable, headshots, and even lassoing didnt work.


He teleports and kills us with a butcher knife, hog ties us and throws a molotov on us as we burn alive.


When I said lassoing didnt work, its because he cheated out of it with his modder menu, and when we lassoed him once and carrying him to attempt to drown him in the lake, my friend next to me, had his body eviscerated by some unseen force, and I as well.


I dont approve of this, sure its interesting but I dont approve of it.


Because he was cheating to the point that we couldent kill him anyways even if we tried.


What do you think? I already reported him through the game as a "Immortal vampire with a butcher knife"


I really dont want this game to end up the same ****house it was in gta online, this game is too good for that.

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