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When will red actually get redemption??


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In the first game of the series, Red's father dies. He never gets redemption/avenges his death. Red dead redemption is made. Doesnt follow red. Red dead redemption II is made. Doesnt follow red. WTF? I'm still waiting!

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2 hours ago, NCcowboy said:

He never gets redemption/avenges his death



Later, during the quick-draw competition, which Annie Stoakes and Jack Swift both attend, Red learns that it was Governor Griffon who sold out his parents to General Diego. Governor Griffon orders Red to be killed by contestant Mr. Kelley (Joseph Melendez), but Red defeats and kills him instead and pursues Griffon back to his mansion with the aid of Annie & Jack. There, Red shoots Griffon in quick-draw fashion. For killing him the Sheriff offers to pay Red the gold he is owed and warns him to flee as murdering an official is a hanging offense, but he refuses to arrest Red because of all the good he has done for the people. Red, however, refuses telling him to give the gold to Annie to pay off her debts and help the Buffalo Soldier she rescued. He is disheartened to realize that Jack perished in the firefight to give him a chance to kill Griffon and takes Griffon's revolver, later claiming "It never was about the money."


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3 hours ago, CrabApples said:

I am not sure why you would be asking. I was actually confused by this one...

The more important question here is when will I get my redemption? 

October 26, 2018

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