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  1. I had this happen a few times and I think it is completely random. Has this started more recently for you? It was happening for me now and then before the last update.
  2. Well, now I know why it doesn't work for me. LOL I am on an S5. I am too cheap to spend money on a new phone when mine works just fine.
  3. I got kicked like 6 times in a half hour the other day. I just give up when that happens. I give it a half hour and then I just move on with my day. Seemed to have been fine yesterday and today though.
  4. Am I the only one who doesn't like this jacket? Like seriously... It looks like you took a decent leather jacket and rolled it around in pig intestines.
  5. If it wasn't for you posting these updates, I would not know about them. This sounds interesting but not really my cup of tea. I don't mind more PVP things being added but I want something that will tickle my fancy better.
  6. My plans are simple. Don't get any major health problems. Live simple. Save up as much as I can... And hope there will still be a retirement paid out for people in my generation when I hit 60, 65.
  7. If they are going to do a cop, they will likely just do another L.A. Noire. I do like what you did there though with (VI)ce. I haven't even given the next GTA much thought considering it is likely still a ways away yet.
  8. Just follow these steps: Press the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller. Press LB to arrive at the People tab. Select Find someone. Type the player's Gamertag. This will open their profile. Select Report or block. Select Block. The block will be immediately applied. I don't think there is an option in game but this should really make it harder for your friend and these people to be on the same server.
  9. If they removed it, they would add something else in its place to do a similar thing. I just want there to be balance. Keeping it basic means players (some not all) will take advantage of things like this and just ruin the game for other players.
  10. Nah. It just isn't needed. We have a standard bow so that is plenty good enough. It wasn't like a common weapon back then. I think only skilled hunters used them.
  11. Repeating/Repeater Shotgun in my book is the best. It isn't the most expensive of the shotguns but it is up there. I just find it easy to use and you can hold a decent amount of ammo.
  12. Chocolate covered bacon. Had it for the first time the other day and I have no regrets. If you like chocolate and you like bacon, try it. I put it off for a long time. My friend's girlfriend made a batch and suckered me into trying some... Ended up taking some home with me.
  13. It just makes me think this is part of their day to day language and it slipped out by accident. I tend to have a pretty clean mouth. I grew up in a house of people who sounded like truckers, including my sister and mother. I don't swear often nor do I make racey comments about others. Just isn't in my vocab to do it on the regular.
  14. I come and go depending on my work schedule. I probably hop on to chat a few times a month but I do read things weekly. I am part of several different online communities so I try to stabilize my time spent on each one.
  15. I really hope they set up some passive rooms where you can't kill other players. Sometimes I just wanna fish and hunt. I have to worry about getting pegged in the head or my horse getting a bullet in its arsecheek anytime I am on the game now. It wasn't this bad a few weeks back. Seems to be getting worse.
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