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  1. Have you tweaked your settings at all in the options? If not, I would start with adjusting the basics like brightness and go from there. Is the overall lighting on the dim side for you?
  2. Hell yeah it does. I was hoping they released the soundtrack but I haven't heard any word on it being released. The music and the ambient sounds are brilliant.
  3. I noticed more of an issue with weather online vs offline but I have read some people seem to get hit more heavy with the rain these days. What are you playing on? PC or Console?
  4. Don't really drink tea outside of sweet tea and coffee is something I have to be in the mood for. I will use those flavored creamers with a bit of sugar.
  5. I was almost tempted to get the game but changed my mind. I haven't been a fan of CoD games in some years but the aspects you mentioned about the game do seem interesting. When did this one come out? I'm assuming you play on PS4?
  6. If your internet is having issues or the connection just isn't stable, things like this will happen. Has happened to me before. Glad it sorted itself out for you.
  7. If you downloaded the game, it is saved to your file. I don't remember seeing an activation code for anything other than like specialty items. Is that what you mean? You got a special edition game and didn't download everything?
  8. I agree with taking a break. It helps a lot. Gaming in general when it comes to online can be frustrating at times, no matter what game it is. It helps to take breaks and refresh the game for yourself. I cut back a lot on playing RDR2 and I am not getting nearly as frustrated.
  9. I never been able to figure this out either. I know how to change them but not remove them. That should be an option. I don't get why it isn't, such a basic thing.
  10. That is about all I ever found. It would be nice to get more out of them though but it is better than nothing. Maybe they will add more to them in the future.
  11. Ended up getting the bigger wagon finally and thus, I am becoming a rich boy again. Thanks for your help guys. So much more worth it to have the bigger wagon to profit from more goods. Felt like it was almost pointless before.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Rockstar has since given us an update on this and they stated on Twitter they are working to fix the issue so I am hoping to see an improvement in a week or two in regards to the animal spawns.
  13. If it is factual and they did get this from eating bad food, isn't it more likely to infect people who have also been eating said food vs those who haven't? I am no doctor or mad scientist here so I really don't know how this stuff works but thinking back to mad cow disease, you had to actually eat the cow to have the highest risk of death, right?
  14. Just read they hit over 150 million copies sold between GTA V and RDR2 recently. That is INSANE. Sales were even boosted for GTA V again just this past holiday season.
  15. Read more: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/70142/red-dead-redemption-2-sales-doubled-once-steam/index.html I just wanted to share this because I think it is pretty interesting. Given all the complaints and people getting upset with the PC version, they still managed to double the sales because of the game being sold on Steam. If someone said something a few years ago about putting the game on PC being a bad idea and they listened, they would have missed out on TONS of cash.
  16. Indeed. @Kean_1 I think you are the one who always moves threads to the right areas, this one should be moved
  17. There are tons of freaking weird stuff like this in the game but it worked for the times. It is hard to believe that not too long ago, people were out there doing stuff like this and getting away with it.
  18. There are other things you can find and use as well. I highlighted the one you are after. I don't want to link to anything in case of spoilers so I screen shot the list.
  19. I wish there was... I can't tell you how many times me and my friends would be in a lobby grinding and some group of a-holes join and do nothing but harass us. Like, don't you have something better to do!?
  20. Same for me. I feel like people are just getting burned out on the game already which is a shame. I think once they do a few more fixes and a big new update, things will pick back up.
  21. The most I have ever been able to get was $150. I have tried several different things but nothing ever pays higher. I know people out there who are making $500 and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. RDR2 doesn't exactly tell you either. Any ideas?
  22. They are likely working through some bugs. It sucks when they have to bring it to the live game but I guess this is the only way to know if it will be fixing/breaking something.
  23. Going to check this myself. I remember noticing this last week but I didn't think anything of it. Maybe it was an issue they patched int he background without us knowing. Is it still happening for you @simply_the_lex?
  24. In my experience, the reporting system works as good as Rockstar has allowed it to. It could work a lot more efficiently but it doesn't because that is not their main focus. They don't want to spend hours a day worrying about banning or not banning players over every little thing. While people like the OP mentioned deserve to be banned from the game for good, there are people out there reporting other players for simply playing the game how it is intended and I think because of all these types of reports, more serious ones get buried.
  25. I might sound like a buffoon for asking, but what is the point of collecting these? I found a few the other day. I don't know what they do.
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