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  1. Thanks for all your feedback guys. After doing some reading I decided to just scrap the idea. I actually bought a new case that has a front open grid and I will use LED fans but that is it. The LED strips and things like that don't last long at all. Not worth it.
  2. I am considering adding some LED lights to my PC. I have a window on the side that allows me to see in it and the purpose I got this case was because I had planned on adding lights in it. The case came with 1 LED red fan but it hardly lights anything in there up. I want a decent glow from it. I just don't want to look like one of those show offs who only builds a PC like this to be a douche lol
  3. I pulled that bit from this article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2016/10/17/why-gta-online-makes-me-a-bit-worried-about-red-dead-redemption-2/#6b98064a1a4b He's got a few valid points here. Like what if they see that there is not enough money to be made in RDR2 or just not enough things they can offer people to keep the online community alive... Then why bother? I can't say this hasn't crossed my mind before. It seems like it is something worth considering... what if the online is nothing like GTA V?
  4. I think there will be group missions that will require a said number of people like GTA V did. I think they did it like 2+, 3+ ect.
  5. I remember this being a huge joke online when the game first came out. I didn't play it but I thought that was hilarious. Like he is a married man and players are like well... She asked... And then he turns them down hahaha!!
  6. You'd care about it if you were on a server and there was a bounty hanging over your head... lol
  7. I don't mind having the option to pay real money. From what I know, Rockstar never really had an issue using this in a way that forced people to pay in order to be good. If you are good at the game then you won't have any issues.
  8. I like this. I mean if you are going to have an online option, may as well make having money useful. I would like to see options for buying homes, gear, guns, horses, and maybe supplies used for robberies or something.
  9. I'll try this out. I mean if the game ever comes out LOL At this rate it feels like it will be a long ways down the road... Possibly the 2nd quarter of 2018.
  10. I likely wouldn't use it. I wouldn't mind playing with creations other people have made but I am not creative enough to do anything special
  11. It is delayed so no one knows when. I can't see how we heard nothing yet and it being still on schedule. You don't want to buy the cow without knowing how good the milk is.
  12. I know a lot of the mini-quests in RDR1 was centered around skinning animals, collecting plants, and saving people.. But could they do more in RDR2? As I mentioned before, I didn't play the first one so I may be leaving something out here but I feel like the mini-quests can dive a bit deeper into the actual history of the old west.
  13. I did a bit of reading and seen a lot of people were actually mad about it LOL I guess it is just one of those things that gets boring after the first 100 times.
  14. YES! I am actually a substitute teacher so I get 2 months off every summer. I need the break. I may not be a full time teacher but when you have to deal with 13/14 year old kids it can be tiring. I like my job and I am happy to have it being I am so young (24) but man... some days I want to quit LOL
  15. Thanks! I like the look of this place. Very excited for the new game. Any ideas on the release date or is that still up in the air?
  16. I only watched the game play, I didn't actually play the game. I don't even know the whole story but I think the animations are cool! I guess after doing it so many times, it gets annoying. Maybe just having a skip feature?
  17. I didn't play the first RDR game. I am 100% new to this. I have a friend who played the first one and didn't care for it but I did a bit of reading up and I don't get how anyone can not enjoy this game!! I can probably find the first one pretty cheap. Thoughts?
  18. This is just to say random thoughts about the game, yeah? I found the forum on Reddit and since that site seems to be getting too toxic I joined here. I am new to Red Dead Redemption but this looks so good!
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