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  1. Is there a benefit to them doing this? Like why not just keep all the game modes and mini-games going all the time? I don't get it.
  2. The Nokota has grown on me. He is faster than others I have had (other than the Fox) but handles well. A bit jumpy now and then but I got so used to the speed that I can't switch back to my other horses now lol
  3. Yeah just adjust your setup in the settings and it should fix that. Report back if it doesn't so we know and others know.
  4. I don't pay enough attention to know. A friend of mine was asking me and I told him I would ask on here. I only bought a few things and stuck with it. If I am happy with what I got, I typically don't change it. He is the kinda guy who wants to collect every outfit though.
  5. jACKx

    Easter plans?

    Does anyone celebrate Easter? If so, what are your plans? I don't celebrate it in the religious sense but in the family sense. We get together as a family every year for Easter dinner and desserts. I'm just hoping for no rain so I can enjoy some fresh air. Last year it was pouring rain.
  6. I'm just hoping it was an accident and not an attack. Like mentioned above, groups have been vandalizing things there for the last few years. I don't know much about the history of the building but I know well enough to know if it burned to the ground, it would be a huge historical loss to France and the world.
  7. There is no rush if you are not feeling it. The online is not complete yet so I would wait until it is out of beta if you are not sure. No point in wasting money to find out it isn't something you enjoy. You will get a better feel for the game when the beta testing is done. Also, when they start dropping DLC, I think the variety and overall play value for RDR2 Online will go up heavily.
  8. The fog can be annoying in certain areas, I agree but I think a variation of weather would be better. Like maybe make it a bit more random. I live in a valley area and we get fog quite a bit so it isn't something I am unfamiliar with. What you see in the game is pretty realistic.
  9. I had thought you got something extra as well but that did not seem to be the case. I didn't get anything outside of gold and XP unless I missed something somewhere.
  10. I know the game is still in beta and we have yet to see everything they have in store for the game... But what kind of additional features, mini-games, etc. would keep you interested and invested as a long term player?
  11. Passive mode should be an option but separate from their main free roam. The style of the game is meant to have players interact with each other on the basis of survival and taking over the wild west.
  12. I am assuming the game will be a lot more stable with more features by summer. Take a break from it for now and try after a few more big updates. I know a few people who walked away and I convinced them to just take a break instead. Don't let it being in beta or other players ruin it for you yet. See what you think after it is out of beta.
  13. How many people did this and can confirm they got their gold? I am just curious. My buddy said he did it and has yet to get his, it has been 3 maybe 4 days now.
  14. I forgot like I do every year and was an hour late to going to my parent's on Sunday for my dad's birthday. My mom was pissed cause everyone had to wait for me to eat LOL
  15. Welcome to the forum! Do you know a lot about the game from playing it or have you read up on it a lot? I know some people will use those books and guides and learn things I didn't even know about.
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