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  1. Coolest username ever. I have since adjusted my gameplay opting for only local delivery and explosive rounds loaded into my semi autos. But your advice on bringing the horse was right on. Worked like a charm. Add me on ps4 Hammer_Dikc
  2. This is part of the risk / reward. If you commit to a delivery, there's no backing out which IMO is good. Part of the risk / anticipation / excitement is that other players may choose to ambush you. You decide on which route you want, etc. based on how much risk you're willing to take. If people were allowed to cancel when things got hairy, where's the challenge in that? Deliveries are risky and part of that risk is being attacked by other players. .....as such, it's is not considered"griefing" when you fall victim. Right, wrong or indifferent, that is part of the game in relation to these kinds of missions / events. You're talking about levying penalties against players who are playing within the rules of the game as if they were griefing. The reason they are able to go into defensive mode after the event is because it's over at that point. If you pursue them when all is said and done because you're upset about the outcome, then you are the aggressor. Same as the target side missions, mail deliveries, etc. Again, you're punishing players simply for participating in the missions / events. It can't be handled the same as griefers are in Free Roam. If penalties are so high, then no one would want to even try to attack. .....what would be the point in even allowing it then? As others said, choose the safer routes or better yet, find a group to team up with so you have added protection. IME, that alone is usually enough to deter aggressors on these types of missions. I see alot of people saying the mechanic isnt broken but to defend a wagon you are forced to sit on against 3 assailants or more most definetley puts you at an insane disadvantage. Spawning you without your horse at a considerable distance from the goods you just lost also make it a monumental task to get it back. The fact that people say only do local deliveries it doesn't show up on the map...ok, but when servers are crowded you are gonna get discovered and get merced and robbed. I have found taking the train tracks helps as opposed to the main road but even then if your delivery is in a crowded city like Saint Denis you can bet your sweet bippy you will be mugged. I feel more thought needs to be put into this portion of the trader role
  3. I could swear I remembered being told we could now edit our online characters after the update without losing anything? I see delete character here but I do not wish to do it unless I am 100% certain I wont lose all my progress.
  4. I have found though 3 star pelts are wrth more kill absolutely everything quantity over quality makes you much more money a 2 hour hunting trip with herb picking makes me around a 200 dollar trip for me. Though I cant speak for everyone thats what I do and it works.
  5. As the thread indicates I am currently a lv 34. Im tired of being merked in PvP play. Need some on Ps4 who is moderately patient actually help me figure out how to Im prove. Right now in showdown series Im around 12 kills 8 deaths per match. I notice though fancier players just dust me, I am their bullet sponge. PSN is SicilianDad002 add me
  6. This has undoubtedly been touched on at nauseam. Is there any word on online actually being completed. I love the game. The campaign mode is unmatched for me with the exception of the last God of War entry. I find online unplayable. You either fight other people in a rotating door of game modes or The stranger missions......eck. I figured being that this is the forum you guys/gals would have the info. Thanks, The spirit of John Wayne
  7. The single player mode is one of the greatest visual and auditory accomplishments in video game history. After the update the game feels gross. It is a direct dig at consumers pockets that moronic fans with expendable income will gladly pay. I already bought the game I should not have to pay for anything else. Want me to grind to unlock it fine. Having missions that require you to murder 3 people in a day and then with the other hand having it activate bounties on you and then with the other...foot? Lowering carcass and pelt prices almost ensures at some point you will have to spend actual money. I now find this title gross. It is a greedy money grab with nearly 0 new content sans the ridiculous sh*t they added they want you to pay for. I say nay. Im not one of these sad sacks who says they will uninstall the game. However I will not play online until things get right at all. Not one dollar,quarter or single red cent will exit my pockets in Rockstars direction. You should all be ashamed greed is one of the 7 deadly sins. May god have mercy on your decrepit, wasting souls. Toodles Taint Ticklers.
  8. Sone the last RD we named our horse brownie and all subsequent horses have been named brownie 1,1,1.2 and so on our current horse is brownie 2.8.
  9. Yesterday I rode like 10 minutes to get to the scientist mission in the northeast just to have it disappear upon my arrival. My question is Tha Fuq?
  10. Foe some reason I have had trouble getting the legendary wolf in the north. There are other wolves that end up attacking me and screwing up my hunt. Any suggestions?
  11. They need a private option similar to friday the 13th the game. I cannot avoid this if people are intent on doing regardless of right/or wrong doing. It is not a game breaker by any stretch of the imagination it is more of a thorn....in my ass. Like how is this the way the team behind a game that was delayed 2x think this was the best option? They had time. They werent rushed. With an indie game I kind of expect stuff like this but R* games are always polished with a ton of money behind them. Its fine Ill man up. I was just curious if this was the "Norm"
  12. Last nitght playing RDR2 online in showdown series mode I was getting pummeled round after round 12 kills 8 deaths barely surviving with a group of players all ranked at least 50 levels above me. We get to the knife round where somehow I miracualosly killed 3 and won the round I was elated. My hard work had payed off. However as soon as we got to the between round load screen they all voted to kick me out. They never spoke on mic so obviously were in group chat. My question is tha fuq? Why is this a feature?
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