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  1. Don't get your hopes up. This has been a 2+ month long issue and they still haven't gotten it sorted. I am guessing it will be another few months with the way things seem to go with them anymore.
  2. I am curious if you found anything. It just seems weird to leave the dead body and not a trace of anything is left behind. At least they could have shown some bones or something.
  3. How long did it take you to do 4 of them? Man it felt like it took me AGES. I must have spent over 20 hours just on these ranks.
  4. That is one thing that kind of bummed me out about online. You get to a point where you have too much money and not enough to do. Should have made it slightly harder when you leveled up.
  5. I struggled with finding them until I started fishing for them in the rain. They seem to be every where imaginable when it rains. I don't know why. I am not familiar with the fish irl so maybe it is a known trait to real life fishing for these kinds of fish.
  6. This is what I thought happened. Animals likely got the body. I mean that makes sense for the area back in the day. TONS of wild animals were always looking for an easy meal. Even if they don't have them in the game online... lol
  7. I think you have to unlock the Herbalist challenges first. I don't entirely remember as I didn't really focus too much on this. Is it active for you?
  8. I can't say I noticed any issue with it but it is worth submitting a ticket to Rockstar just in case it isn't a well-known issue. Some players tend to have issues others don't which is what is making the game so hard to fix for them.
  9. Soon as I was able to, I upgraded my wagon. It isn't exactly hard to make money online but at the start when you want to keep buying stuff, the money doesn't last. Worth focusing on things that will reward you first.
  10. Do they have timeout lobbies like they did in GTA V? Like lobbies where they put players who are being a-holes to other players instead of banning them? If they don't, they need to add those. Let these morons play the game with each other and rage quit and cry over it.
  11. Rockstar is horrible with timing and managing online servers. I mean their first big step to online gaming was GTA V. I don't really count RDR and GTA IV. We will likely see the stuff we want in the game in another 2 years like mentioned above or maybe the next game. Who knows.
  12. Yeah this is nothing new. Just try tomorrow. Sometimes I have had to wait as many as 3 days before I can take part in new things added like rewards and what not.
  13. It took me nearly a week of daily playing to get a perfect panther pelt. It sucks but it does lengthen the time spent playing the game. I didn't mind the rarity of it so much as the constant deaths.
  14. What chapter are you in? I am assuming we are talking about the story mode right?
  15. Muffins almost always have fruit or other "treats" to them. Cupcakes are nothing more than cupped cakes. Mini standard birthday cakes with frosting.
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