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  1. I did basically the same thing but it took me nearly an hour. lol I guess it is different for everyone. I don't mind that it took this long since I enjoy playing poker but holy crap it must have been hell if you are not a fan of it.
  2. This is my thoughts. Like a lot of people who are impatient or ignorant will end up quitting before the game is all primed up. I am fine with tons of people being a part of the online community but it is nice to see try hards and cry babies quitting now.
  3. Are they going to release the soundtrack anytime soon? Or have they done so? I would like to get a copy. I haven't heard anything on it myself so I am not sure when to keep an eye out for it.
  4. I had to do this twice throughout the story and I am glad I heard about it. Someone brought it up before may have been on here or on reddit but I was able to finish the missions thanks to doing this.
  5. How did you lose him? I actually thought I did bring him to the stables and saved him but I was doing a runner and he got shot. I assumed he would be back at the stable and he was not.
  6. I'm really not sure. Anytime I heard people having an issue with this mission, it was down to losing the gun. I mean you will need the mission completed to 100% the game so if you can't find a way to correct it and you do want to 100% the game, you may have to start over, unfortunately.
  7. I wasn't aware that my honor would change in Van Horn until I was already knee deep in a brutal 1 vs 30 war. It is a lot of fun if you don't care about honor dropping but at the time, I kind of did lol
  8. I can bet you this has happened to me at least 50 times since Christmas. Darn children need to stay off my front lawn.
  9. The new year is here and I have to say, it doesn't feel any different. I hope you all have a better year though for what it is worth. Here's to a great year of RDR2 online (fingers firmly crossed).
  10. Welcome to the forum man. I am about to start my second playthrough tonight. Thought I would start off the new year right. I been enjoying online more than I thought I would but nothing beats exploring solo offline.
  11. Welcome! Glad to see more and more people joining here. Maybe we can get a big group to go online after this week when everyone is able to. Would be awesome.
  12. Welcome to the forum brother. Hope you are enjoying the game and enjoying this place. I'll be hopping online Thursday or Friday so see what the fuss is about. Already got a taste of it at my friend's. Looks legit.
  13. My thoughts exactly. That place became such a waste after they screwed with how the pay works. I didn't care about auto aim.
  14. Vice City (I never really played Bully. Is it any good? It was one of those games I just skipped for some reason) Orange Juice or Apple Juice?
  15. When I saw this image I thought the same thing months ago. It is kind of funny. I mean I didn't notice it in RDR but he is much younger here I guess.
  16. Damn 130 members? Nice. I haven't used Discord in a long, long time. I will likely have to make a new account. I might pop on. I'll use the same name I use on here.
  17. Good to know. Can save some time this way. Thanks for the information.
  18. My friend got the edition to let him online today and I was over there earlier and we were laughing our asses off and the state of these create a character "people". They all seem to have a look to them... like mentioned above, one of "in-breeding" LOL!!
  19. It will likely be one of those functions they realize is stupid and fix it in a big patch when they do one for online. I am expecting them to do a big one this week.
  20. I noticed this too! I didn't know it was the trapper and shot the crap out of him and now he is beaten up. Pretty cool of them to include such a small detail.
  21. Finish the story and give it a day like mentioned above. If it doesn't show, report back. I was having an issue with this myself.
  22. They will likely be doing some big ones soon seeing as online launched. Aside from that, some minor patch was just launched recently.
  23. I don't think it is in the game though I could be wrong. I think that was only part of RDR. Can you verify that it is indeed in the game?
  24. If anyone is curious about it here is the trailer: My buddy has been going on and on about it. He is a bigger Red Dead fan than I so you can understand why. Loves everything old west.
  25. I am coming up close on completion so I am going to keep this in mind. I was wondering about this as I had a friend who was like 99% done and couldn't get it to 100%. I will let him know about this.
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