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  1. Ah okay, thanks for clarifying. Did you see someplace was donating money over RDR2 leaks? I saw that last night. I wish they'd donate to me lol
  2. Italy is supposed be great too. My aunt and uncle went twice in the last 2 years. My family heritage is from Italy so I would like to go there as well. That and because of the food. Italian food >>> any other food. I may be a bit biased here though lol
  3. I know very little about the history and I am not big into the horror genre so I am basically screwed here. But Thanksgiving... I can get behind that because I love to eat. lol
  4. Ah right... Well, that basically throws my comment out the window. Told you I know nothing about these kinds of cameras lol IGNORE ME DAVE IGNORE ME!!!
  5. You will get it shortly after completing Pouring Fourth Oil ā€“ III. It will open up a new mission for you that will deal with Abagail and fishing. After you complete that, you will be able to fish freely.
  6. What is missing exactly and from where? It should have been installed already in your game when you launched it.
  7. Yeah, dude most stuff unlocks just by playing the story. So if you run into something you want to do and do not have the option yet, give it a bit of time. A lot gets unlocked in the first few chapters.
  8. I don't know if you were being serious but to read this as the first reply to the thread damn near made me spit coke all over my keyboard LOL I mean I would be down for it. Make it look like RDR2... they will eventually get me to stop showering and leaving my house altogetheršŸ¤£ !
  9. Interesting. So this is going to be what we start with then? Like I would imagine they have some DLC locked and loaded for us already. Not sure if any of this will be DLC or not.
  10. I been to Greece a few times, very awesome place to live. I am not big on cats though so that was a bit of an issue for me but I know plenty of people who'd move there just for the cats lol Welcome to the forum... I tend to ramble about things that don't matter. haha
  11. Give me some of your fish!!! (I hope someone gets that here) Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it here and once online kicks off, hope to run into you on there.
  12. Aren't Cannon lenses not as good as some of the other ones on the market though? I know I have read that a number of times. For the record, I really don't know anything about cameras. I just use some Sony something or other point and shoot camera once in a while, I mostly take pics with my phone.
  13. I haven't actually celebrated the day in a long time. I don't have kids and I am not big on parties so really, that just leaves me with cosplay and I am the kind of person to spend way too much time, money, and energy on that to only do it once a year so I don't bother with it at all.
  14. Unless they make it something special, I likely won't bother with it. I have fished in real life and I tend to get bored of it too easily. I would imagine fishing in a fake/virtual reality world will be just as boring.
  15. I think it depends on what you want. Some pre-order bonuses have already expired. I usually don't wait. I tend to pre-order about a month before the game comes out.
  16. What are the differences between the two? I pre-ordered a digital copy just so I have it right at midnight but I intend on getting a special edition for the extras.
  17. Welcome Pup. Hope you enjoy it here man. I'm counting down the days myself. I am going to try my best to show up after the game gets released but I may disappear for a few weeks, might lose my job, family and friends will think I left the planet.
  18. Since it is on topic, how you guys like your beef? I tend to be the odd one out cause I like mine burnt just to ensure it is cooked all the way. I have a slight paranoia about undercooked meat since I had food poisoning from some when I was a teen.
  19. People who are dishonest about anything. Like it is one thing to tell a lie, we all do from time to time, but when you go out of your way to be fake or put up some kind of front like you are a good person when you are a pile of crap, stay away from me. I tend to smell it coming anyways.
  20. If my hat gets shot off, I would go running after it like a moron the first 100 times and likely get killed by a gang of 13 year olds. lol I don't think they will make it a very tedious thing in the game like some mentioned above. It will likely be something that respawns.
  21. Really like that black tee with "Redemption" across it. I am a sucker for gaming teeshirts so I will likely end up getting one. I would like to see a hoodie as well.
  22. That was part of a bug/issue with the game. The gif is from this video: I don't know if they ever fixed it. Kind of curious to see if I can do it and see what happens.
  23. I am not sure. I am guessing they won't show the online gameplay until after the game is released. I think they did this with GTA V if I am not mistaken. Either way, I am not expecting anything else until midway through September given that the game doesn't come out till the end of October.
  24. I am fine either way. I was just as happy to see him in the trailer as I would have been to see him in the game. We don't know how he will be introduced or what role he plays in the story so there is still a lot to enjoy from his character.
  25. Just trying to keep busy, get things done, and have somewhat of a social life cause I know once this game comes out, I will basically only be leaving the house to go to work. lol
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