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  1. Yeah like Vader mentioned it was a one-week thing. They do this now and then to encourage people to get online I guess. Who knows if it will be an option or not. I missed out on it too. Feels bad man.
  2. You have more drive and determination than me man. I cut way back once I got past level 50. I noticed a lot of people saying there isn't much past 100 right now. Hopefully, they change that.
  3. Glad to know this wasn't just me! Thanks for sharing them addressing it as well. I guess I have to level up to make it appear normal again. I thought I was being punished for something lol
  4. I don't do them often but when I do, they seem to work fine for me and really straight forward. I can understand people not liking some of them but I nor my friends have had any issues with completing them.
  5. I have had a craving for tacos all day today. I was going to just pick something up from Taco Bell but last time I had them, it just wasn't the same. I feel like they went downhill since the 90's.
  6. They are still in beta so they aren't dying. Most gamers just aren't used to playing beta games since it is more common on PC. They will get over it and come back once the game is out of beta. I could put money on that.
  7. I haven't done any hunts for them in a few weeks. I have only ever found 2 myself. I will be doing some grinding with a few friends tonight. Hoping I can find another one.
  8. I call these kinds of people trolls. If you are going on of your way to kill another player just to get a laugh out of it, you are a troll. It is no different than online to me. People say and do stupid things to upset people because they think it is funny. They are childish and need to grow up.
  9. Maybe I am alone here, but I don't mind being on a server with only a handful of people. I am able to explore, hunt, and so on without being bothered.
  10. You have to complete so much of the epilog before it allows you to sleep in the bed. Since you said you completed them, just head over to the left side of the bed and face it. Press R1/RB to switch to Sleep if you only get the fast travel option.
  11. Best to contact Rockstar first like mentioned. As for this glitch, I have no way of knowing it affected me since I already restarted the game prior to the update. If I hear of any solutions around the web, I will post them here but no one else has mentioned this yet.
  12. I never figured this one out but like Foxtrot mentioned, you don't need to do every single little thing to get the achievements. Just make a note of it. It may end up popping up in the future where you can actually complete the request.
  13. The newer controllers for Xbox seem to have the same issue. I always buy the other branded ones myself for this reason. I find the PDP brand to make better sticks for both console controllers.
  14. This is a solid plan. I really didn't consider any of this. I was thinking at the end of my first playthrough, you'd get a decent chunk of change but the most I seemed to have was maybe 6 grand.
  15. Was going to mention this. I remember finding it locked and then it was unlocked later in the story. I couldn't remember at what point but you are correct. I was hoping they put something in here like a gun or something.
  16. I noticed I was missing quite a chunk of my money a few weeks back so I contacted Rockstar and they were able to get it back on my account. I don't know what they did or how they did it, but I did get my money back. So for anyone reading this who has had the same problem, contact Rockstar directly.
  17. I have a small posse group with some friends and my brother. One time when there was 5 of us online, I noticed another group nearby and I lowered it. I did it to be funny but they were pretty pissed at me lol
  18. This appears to not be an option but the way the game is designed, it could be in the future. I really don't know the thought process for the devs with simple stuff like this I just hope the end product is more polished with tiny features like this that make the game more enjoyable.
  19. I get the realistic aspect they are going for and how the game is meant to work. I don't mind getting into shootouts and what not but when I am minding my own business in the middle of the woods and I have a trio of dudes harassing me, messing with me, or killing me repetitively... It gets old fast.
  20. As of now, no. I don't know if they will make this a thing in the future or not but I would guess if they don't, it would likely be down to people finding a way to abuse it so they just want to avoid it altogether.
  21. My friend's girlfriend will occasionally play with us and the number of dudes who try "picking her up" in game can be pathetic. He thinks it is hilarious and so does she but me and everyone else in the group just finds it annoying to have to deal with.
  22. Can you put oatcakes there? I never actually tried that. I usually just get some food as I need it from the camp. I don't like carrying a lot with me these days lol I never know if I am going to lose everything or not.
  23. I have a friend who has been having the same issues anytime we try to play. Is he able to play without you by chance? I think there might be some kind of server issue where someone joining a server closer to player A causes player B to have connection problems because of the distance. I could be wrong. I am in the US and my friend is in the UK, we haven't been able to play together in over a month now.
  24. The way I look at is this... You have people who will play the game respectfully and those who will take advantage of things like the parlay system. I see more people abusing it than anything else. Some don't know understand how it works or what the point is. They are not clear enough on a lot of things in the game and someone should address this stuff on their site.
  25. Welcome @wynny2k You enjoying the place thus far? I have friends split between PS, XB, and PC. Kind of annoying when I prefer to play with some guys over others and get stuck in a group with control babies and ragers. lol I love my friends but some of them take gaming too serious for me. This is the main reason I joined here, to meet others and have people who are easier to game with on RDO.
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