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  1. The same reason people throw money at strippers... They either like what they are seeing or they lie to themselves about liking what they are seeing to fit in.
  2. Since there are other people still playing I will ask here instead of making a new thread... You know the Casino penthouses? Are those worth buying? I was going to get one but decided to get a new car instead but now I am wondering if maybe I should have gotten a penthouse. Do they do anything special?
  3. So I ended up getting GTA V on PC to play with a few friends of mine since it was only $15 and playing it again after having not played it for awhile, I noticed one minor annoyance for me and that is the radio. Sometimes it is off. Sometimes it is on. Sometimes it is on random channels even though I just had it on one channel, got out my car, and got back in. They need to have an option to keep it off or selected to one channel for each owned vehicle.
  4. That is a mod being used for sure. I have had it happen to me a few times on here. It is way worse on GTA V though. I love the game but holy hell, almost every session you join, it has a modder. I hope RDR2 don't get as bad. It makes it very hard to play and enjoy the game when you keep getting people messing with you.
  5. I always wondered why they rushed you in story but you benefited from slowing down online. Wouldn't it make sense both ways to get it done as soon as possible because it is a bounty?
  6. Sweet! I am going to check them out when I eat my late dinner. Just checking a few things while my food cooks in the oven. Looking forward to it
  7. Tis the season to get into arguments with friends, family, and random people on the internet! I say it is not a Christmas film but has become a Christmas tradition. What say you? Vote above and share your thoughts in the comment section below. Don't forget to give this video a like! (I'm joking and will stop now)
  8. Push comes to shove, write down the names and report them manually on the Rockstar site. That is always an option. It takes a few extra steps but it gets the job done.
  9. This is what I thought. Most things will just gray out in the game when they are not an option or no longer are. I never hit it this high but I was thinking this would be the case if I ever did.
  10. That is pretty amazing to have a group that dedicated and level-headed. I applaud you all. And you mentioned motovlogs... I am interested in these. I love watching people on bikes ride around places. Feels like you are there. Do you have somewhere where I can check these out?
  11. I looked through all the map locations and there is nothing in the game like you mentioned. I even watched a video showing them being found.
  12. Hmm Is this a new change? I don't remember the game functioning like this in controls. Maybe it is worth contracting Rockstar about and seeing what is going on.
  13. CrabApples

    How to fish?

    Fishing is pretty basic. Once you go through the thing with Jack, you should be able to fish freely. This video might give you some help on things though:
  14. I believe GTA V worked the same. You need to have the launcher installed to have your account link up to Steam in order to actually play the game.
  15. How much time do the senior members have to put into managing the Reaper Lords? Are you left with free time to pursue other interests?
  16. Is it still working for you? Maybe the issue just sorted itself out. I wasn't able to find any fixes for it so it might just be a bug in game.
  17. I noticed with new releases, they run a sale on them usually after 3 months or 6 months but I think this depends on owner (devs) of said game. They might not mark it down for sale till next fall.
  18. I guess that is a fair point. It isn't like you won't have anything to play on it. Maybe this is just more the case for online gaming then. In which, kind of dies out after 2 years on old consoles.
  19. I never noticed there being little change after clearing out the hideout. I mean for me, it was noticeably different. You gotta figure you killed most their men so they just aren't going to show up like before until the numbers go back up.
  20. I am not playing it. Not really my style of game. I heard the story is both fantastic and really, really weird. I saw some memes about it being a delivery service. I will eventually watch a ,montage of all the cut scenes to view the story but I don't feel the need to play it.
  21. Some of those are pretty good deals but like you said, they want some last time sales before next year's launch. This is great for people who couldn't afford the console in the beginning but I feel like getting a new console this late is kind of a waste.
  22. Just a rage comic gusta cowboy. When I joined, it was before the release of RDR2 so I was excited for it and it fit the bill. I never felt the need to change it.
  23. The extras are great if you get them on a deal but I don't think they are worth paying extra for. Like mentioned, you get plenty in the game. Hope you enjoy it!!
  24. Can confirm this happened to me before. We have a number of power outages here and anytime it happens and my console happens to be on, this will be the result. I just reboot it and it corrects the issue. Did it end up fixing itself?
  25. I only did the missions involved them and never did anything beyond that to notice but now that you mention it, this might be the case? I am not 100% sure.
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