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  1. I've run all 3 now & according to the game's "spiel" they will increase in difficulty each time you re-play them so this weekend might be a tougher run than last weekend. Each mission is slightly different - steal a horse - protect a shipment - "burgle" a mansion in St Denis & each will take you about 15 minutes In terms of content they are probably not worth re-installing a "however many gig" game for 30 - 60 minutes of gameplay that has no rare or "event" rewards - they do however add to the "flavour" of life on the edges of the law & for anyone still working through th
  2. If you're on PC press ESCAPE & look for the BENEFITS section, there should be a coupon so that when you click to buy it offers you to buy with the coupon - if there is no coupon then I am a little stumped as it may show as "auto" discounted or on sale with a RED lozenge shape next to it. Good Luck Let me know how you get on
  3. More info here Red Dead Online gets three new single-player missions (msn.com)
  4. Just go & manually interact with ur flag to raise it - it occasionally lowers for some content then needs to be manually re-raised Let me know how u get on
  5. 3 new solo play missions in RDRO - collect instructions from the mysterious "J" Says that they will increase in difficulty with each play through Really looking forward to starting those on Friday or Saturday & great to see new content still being added - if only we could have some player housing too!!
  6. If your main goal is to make gold then make sure u do as many General & Role Daily Challenges to max the incremental gold bonuses, also bounties linked with the daily role challenge & a couple of pvp "maps" will give u a steady gold daily payout - by focusing on challenges u can get a steady payout that is in sync with your playstyle - u can get gold payouts for delivering a "desired" moonshine flavour - delivered in a certain amount of time & with a minimum of bottles intact [if the daily challenges sync for u] - for instance today there were 2 Moonshine challenges I could complet
  7. Yes & no, as Moosh89 says above, only the Perk Card - Paint it Black - allows painting an X on a target - u can toggle an "aim assist" which will increase your accuracy but it is only a slight help & we are left to manually aim our weapons down the sights - take aim & pause slightly to allow aim assist to work then shoot & your accuracy will be improved but you have to toggle aim assist on in your settings [IIRC]
  8. So I removed all my neckwear & the last 4 days I have not lost any outfits from saved - so last night before I finished for the day I recreated all the outfits with the appropriate neckwear & this morning ALL were there - wonder how it will be tomorrow
  9. For me on PC they don't last that long especially if I move away [out of the "cell" area] - it's difficult to gauge how long in minutes or distance & I have been known to leapfrog-carry carcasses to the nearest road to then summon my Hunting Wagon [the only vehicle worth buying IMO] I can then store 5 carcasses in my wagon until I am ready to re-summon it at my camp to hand them in - especially useful when you shoot the legendary animals. Short answer - I don't know how long I tip I can give if you can't afford the wagon is you can lasso & drag a carcass back to camp with NO
  10. Ouch! What platform - PC? Were you streaming or anything like that? It is very difficult to follow people across lobbies without some "additional" help
  11. I too have never read a manual - it's places like this amazing forum & its members that you learn all this stuff - you did the best thing & asked & we will always do our best to answer Keep on enjoying it
  12. OK so 1 day with no neckwear [& I totally agree, all my outfits look odd without the various neck items] & all my outfits were there both in saved & on mount - will monitor & report Cheers
  13. OK - sounds possible then - although I have only had bog-standard responses to my ticket - you would think they have highlighted the neckwear issue back to me if it was in the list of responses to problems I will re-create my 7 missing outfits today without the applicable bandanas/neckties etc & see what happens over the next few days Thanx
  14. Seriously? My character is level 470, playing for just over 1 year every single day & the outfits that have vanished I have had saved for months & months until a couple weeks ago when they started vanishing It started the day after I created a cold weather outfit that had nothing in the neck - no ties, scarf or bandana just a Donegal sweater, vest & Morebay fur coat .
  15. Just change lobbies - on PC - ESC - scroll down to ONLINE then choose CAMP & you will respawn in your camp in a new lobby ready to start playing all over again - don't let them win by forcing you to quit - griefing & hacking isn't as prevalent as some make it appear - just change lobbies & carry on playing - the game is amazing don't let those who are underendowed ruin it for you ESC ONLINE CAMP Carry on as you were
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