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  1. Thanx for sharing your frustrations - not enjoying Blood Money then ?? Nice change from hunting animal samples in my opinion & daily challenges provide plenty of RD$$$ & Gold for me.
  2. I only ever make Poison Poppy now as it seems to consistently have the 2nd buyer & I'm desperately trying to remember if I had to unlock additional buyers as an option with Moonshiner ??? Gettin old & the grey matter is failing!! I gotta agree with Hickock - I only ever make shine now if its gonna get me at least 2 dailies whether it be make & sell or deliver 18 bottles with 5 mins left or whatever combination I can get for minimum 2 results - PLUS! they seem to have fixed the "drink your own strong shine" daily for me as that would often fail but has now worked the last 2 times I tried it - always with Poppy!!
  3. Hunting the Legendaries is very RNG if they spawn near you & you get the map marker you can hunt them - they are not easy & most attack if they get even a whiff of you . By all means go for it but work on levelling the Naturalist role too - she has additional Legendary animal missions.
  4. Whilst spending Sunday looking at costume creators on Youtube, I noticed this Gangs of New York costume video & the creator chooses the White French Dress shirt for 1 of his Bill the Butcher costumes Looks to me like R* removed this shirt from Online clothing for some reason See it here @ 4.32 mins
  5. There are French Dress Shirts available online but not a white 1 - patterned, striped, & a few block colours - such as Black but no White - odd I'm sure it used to be available. I've used the Caughtrey in white with a waistcoat [vest] & that isn't too bad. Good call on the Grizzly Outlaw Outfit Seems odd they haven't included what you would imagine would be 1 of the most sought after colour of shirts for many costumes - very weird.
  6. Are u sure its not online? Or is it just the slightly frilly fronted 1 with the same collar as the French Dress Shirt? I was sure 1 of my outfits had it.
  7. Now that sounds EXACTLY like what we've all been crying out for - gotta admit this current run of Blood Money updates has added some much needed naughtiness to the endgame
  8. Make sure you check your "pamphlets" & re-learn any that are unticked - the fix for fast travel from wilderness camp seems to have "un-learned" it for me so I had to go back & re-learn the pamphlet to get the ability back. Also they seem to have "fixed" 3 x collectors items completing when you skin alligators & don't kill an animal for 24 hours seems to NOT be triggering for me THIS worked today so must have glitched out the other day On PC Oh & there seems to be a cap of 50 on holding/storing/saving the new Capitale currency YMMV P.S. IMO - glorified stranger missions just for a new currency that seems to have no "shop" associated with it - early days yet though
  9. Moonshining has some nice storytelling as part of the whole arc & once you have it maxxed will fall into the daily challenges set which will soon repay the GB you spend to get set up & expand the production facility - on a 4 weekly cycle of increasing GB payouts for challenges completing 3 Moonshine challenges every day for 7 days during week 4 alone can net you 5.25 GB so it will only take a few weeks to be turning a GB profit PLUS all the RD$ you can make selling completed shine to buyers. Short answer - yes - interesting story missions & easy profits of GB & RD$
  10. Whilst I have to agree that the drip feed of content along the lines of the recently added solo missions in RDRO isn't exactly content that is going to bring players back or add much in the way of endgame content to long serving players, it does bode well that the game is still being added to & thought of by the Devs/R*. However once those 20 minute encounters are completed it is back to running dailies for most of the playerbase, although like others have said I always see full lobbies & there are a lot of low level players which must mean the game is still attracting new players - this is double-edged as it means they won't be running out of content soon if they play through all the roles to completion, which by then will hopefully mean new content has been added, maybe the rumoured player housing, players asking for robberies & bank jobs etc - we can only guess what R* has up its sleeve! But, like all games that have a story arc - once that arc is completed it is then only an open world/sandbox for the players to inhabit, some, like me, play every day, completing dailies, running 'shine & Bounties for the pure joy that the gameworld brings. Even now [having hit level 500 earlier today] I will stop my horse & just stare in awe at the sun rising on the horizon & watch the colours change across the sky, the world is still enough of a draw that I will come back day after day & just "exist" in the world . All that aside, R* still needs to keep injecting new things into the game - ideally better than the last [laughable] Outlaw Pass - & more akin to the solo missions they added recently, train robberies, stage robberies, bank jobs, shootouts with Law Enforcement, if they are to keep the gameworld feeling alive & most importantly full of players, not just new players but players of all levels & skill, to keep us signing in day after day & inhabiting their world with our "outlaws".
  11. As far as I know they have released Red Dead Online as a standalone so you should be able to buy it.
  12. I've run all 3 now & according to the game's "spiel" they will increase in difficulty each time you re-play them so this weekend might be a tougher run than last weekend. Each mission is slightly different - steal a horse - protect a shipment - "burgle" a mansion in St Denis & each will take you about 15 minutes In terms of content they are probably not worth re-installing a "however many gig" game for 30 - 60 minutes of gameplay that has no rare or "event" rewards - they do however add to the "flavour" of life on the edges of the law & for anyone still working through the online game will enjoy them as diversions during "normal" gameplay. Am I likely to run them more than twice? No probably not. YMMV
  13. If you're on PC press ESCAPE & look for the BENEFITS section, there should be a coupon so that when you click to buy it offers you to buy with the coupon - if there is no coupon then I am a little stumped as it may show as "auto" discounted or on sale with a RED lozenge shape next to it. Good Luck Let me know how you get on
  14. More info here Red Dead Online gets three new single-player missions (msn.com)
  15. Just go & manually interact with ur flag to raise it - it occasionally lowers for some content then needs to be manually re-raised Let me know how u get on
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