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  1. 1] Complete the "online" story quests over the course of a few days play then join them as random "help" every day afterwards to increase your Cash money & Gold - you can replay or join them over & over until you know them inside out - all whilst making currency 2] Start every day looking at the daily challenges & complete as many as you can "easily" [without too much stress that is & don't worry about using the "community map" it isn't cheating in my opinion] these pay out Gold bar fragments & build up over the course of a 4 week cycle to reward you with 0.1 / 0.15 / 0.2 / 0.25 per completed challenge it soon builds up & the amount accessible to you increases as you unlock Roles like Bounty Hunter or Naturalist. 3] Buy Collector role as soon as you can afford the GB cost - you get XP for finding items & $$ for selling on - try & build sets as best you can [again the community map is invaluable] even better if they have it or any others "on sale" 4] Try some of the Free Roam events that drop like Day of Reckoning or Trade Route & find the ones u like to do - again these pay out Gold & can be low stress 5] Don't stress !! Most of all we are supposed to be having fun roaming the world they have made for us so just enjoy it - don't try & do everything immediately just take it slow & find what you like to do. 6] If things aren't going well you can always change "lobbies" by going back to the menu screen & hitting "ONLINE" even mid-delivery of goods or moonshine - you will not lose these it will re-set for your next try - this falls into the "don't stress" category!! 7] IMO the roles are best "taken" in this order [unless you can afford all at once] Collector - Trader - Moonshiner - Bounty Hunter - Naturalist - opinions vary but its all about those Daily Challenges IMO
  2. It's a coincidence - invites usually arrive if there are daily challenges to interact with other players when drunk or sell them 'shine I've not aware of any way to enter other peoples shacks without an invite
  3. Is he moving your camp during game play or each time you log back in? Camps will also get moved if your favourite zone is "full" He used to randomly move my camp all over the map even during gameplay which is/was hella annoying but stopped & hasn't done it for a while but I do still get the "full zone" moves & usually to the furthest part of the bloody desert too miles from my usual hangout of Great Plains/Blackwater To cure it I usually try & re-tag Great Plains in the camp tab & then hit ESC & then ONLINE again to respawn in a new lobby & hopefully get back to where I like to be [on PC that is]
  4. Thanx for sharing your frustrations - not enjoying Blood Money then ?? Nice change from hunting animal samples in my opinion & daily challenges provide plenty of RD$$$ & Gold for me.
  5. I only ever make Poison Poppy now as it seems to consistently have the 2nd buyer & I'm desperately trying to remember if I had to unlock additional buyers as an option with Moonshiner ??? Gettin old & the grey matter is failing!! I gotta agree with Hickock - I only ever make shine now if its gonna get me at least 2 dailies whether it be make & sell or deliver 18 bottles with 5 mins left or whatever combination I can get for minimum 2 results - PLUS! they seem to have fixed the "drink your own strong shine" daily for me as that would often fail but has now worked the last 2 times I tried it - always with Poppy!!
  6. Hunting the Legendaries is very RNG if they spawn near you & you get the map marker you can hunt them - they are not easy & most attack if they get even a whiff of you . By all means go for it but work on levelling the Naturalist role too - she has additional Legendary animal missions.
  7. Whilst spending Sunday looking at costume creators on Youtube, I noticed this Gangs of New York costume video & the creator chooses the White French Dress shirt for 1 of his Bill the Butcher costumes Looks to me like R* removed this shirt from Online clothing for some reason See it here @ 4.32 mins
  8. There are French Dress Shirts available online but not a white 1 - patterned, striped, & a few block colours - such as Black but no White - odd I'm sure it used to be available. I've used the Caughtrey in white with a waistcoat [vest] & that isn't too bad. Good call on the Grizzly Outlaw Outfit Seems odd they haven't included what you would imagine would be 1 of the most sought after colour of shirts for many costumes - very weird.
  9. Are u sure its not online? Or is it just the slightly frilly fronted 1 with the same collar as the French Dress Shirt? I was sure 1 of my outfits had it.
  10. Now that sounds EXACTLY like what we've all been crying out for - gotta admit this current run of Blood Money updates has added some much needed naughtiness to the endgame
  11. Make sure you check your "pamphlets" & re-learn any that are unticked - the fix for fast travel from wilderness camp seems to have "un-learned" it for me so I had to go back & re-learn the pamphlet to get the ability back. Also they seem to have "fixed" 3 x collectors items completing when you skin alligators & don't kill an animal for 24 hours seems to NOT be triggering for me THIS worked today so must have glitched out the other day On PC Oh & there seems to be a cap of 50 on holding/storing/saving the new Capitale currency YMMV P.S. IMO - glorified stranger missions just for a new currency that seems to have no "shop" associated with it - early days yet though
  12. Moonshining has some nice storytelling as part of the whole arc & once you have it maxxed will fall into the daily challenges set which will soon repay the GB you spend to get set up & expand the production facility - on a 4 weekly cycle of increasing GB payouts for challenges completing 3 Moonshine challenges every day for 7 days during week 4 alone can net you 5.25 GB so it will only take a few weeks to be turning a GB profit PLUS all the RD$ you can make selling completed shine to buyers. Short answer - yes - interesting story missions & easy profits of GB & RD$
  13. Whilst I have to agree that the drip feed of content along the lines of the recently added solo missions in RDRO isn't exactly content that is going to bring players back or add much in the way of endgame content to long serving players, it does bode well that the game is still being added to & thought of by the Devs/R*. However once those 20 minute encounters are completed it is back to running dailies for most of the playerbase, although like others have said I always see full lobbies & there are a lot of low level players which must mean the game is still attracting new players - this is double-edged as it means they won't be running out of content soon if they play through all the roles to completion, which by then will hopefully mean new content has been added, maybe the rumoured player housing, players asking for robberies & bank jobs etc - we can only guess what R* has up its sleeve! But, like all games that have a story arc - once that arc is completed it is then only an open world/sandbox for the players to inhabit, some, like me, play every day, completing dailies, running 'shine & Bounties for the pure joy that the gameworld brings. Even now [having hit level 500 earlier today] I will stop my horse & just stare in awe at the sun rising on the horizon & watch the colours change across the sky, the world is still enough of a draw that I will come back day after day & just "exist" in the world . All that aside, R* still needs to keep injecting new things into the game - ideally better than the last [laughable] Outlaw Pass - & more akin to the solo missions they added recently, train robberies, stage robberies, bank jobs, shootouts with Law Enforcement, if they are to keep the gameworld feeling alive & most importantly full of players, not just new players but players of all levels & skill, to keep us signing in day after day & inhabiting their world with our "outlaws".
  14. As far as I know they have released Red Dead Online as a standalone so you should be able to buy it.
  15. I've run all 3 now & according to the game's "spiel" they will increase in difficulty each time you re-play them so this weekend might be a tougher run than last weekend. Each mission is slightly different - steal a horse - protect a shipment - "burgle" a mansion in St Denis & each will take you about 15 minutes In terms of content they are probably not worth re-installing a "however many gig" game for 30 - 60 minutes of gameplay that has no rare or "event" rewards - they do however add to the "flavour" of life on the edges of the law & for anyone still working through the online game will enjoy them as diversions during "normal" gameplay. Am I likely to run them more than twice? No probably not. YMMV
  16. If you're on PC press ESCAPE & look for the BENEFITS section, there should be a coupon so that when you click to buy it offers you to buy with the coupon - if there is no coupon then I am a little stumped as it may show as "auto" discounted or on sale with a RED lozenge shape next to it. Good Luck Let me know how you get on
  17. More info here Red Dead Online gets three new single-player missions (msn.com)
  18. Just go & manually interact with ur flag to raise it - it occasionally lowers for some content then needs to be manually re-raised Let me know how u get on
  19. 3 new solo play missions in RDRO - collect instructions from the mysterious "J" Says that they will increase in difficulty with each play through Really looking forward to starting those on Friday or Saturday & great to see new content still being added - if only we could have some player housing too!!
  20. If your main goal is to make gold then make sure u do as many General & Role Daily Challenges to max the incremental gold bonuses, also bounties linked with the daily role challenge & a couple of pvp "maps" will give u a steady gold daily payout - by focusing on challenges u can get a steady payout that is in sync with your playstyle - u can get gold payouts for delivering a "desired" moonshine flavour - delivered in a certain amount of time & with a minimum of bottles intact [if the daily challenges sync for u] - for instance today there were 2 Moonshine challenges I could complete in 1 delivery - make $200 from delivering & Deliver with 18 bottles intact, so 1 delivery for me = $247 plus 2 x Daily Role GB payout - easy money The easiest GB payout for general Daily challenges, for me, is Pet a Dog - so easy & basically FREE GB Oh & Cripps is considered a "local" when the "use an emote on a local" Daily Challenge comes round If you can complete 9 Role Challenges [with all Roles at level 20 you will have 15 Role Daily Challenges to choose from] you will then get a 3x Daily amount to help increase your gold - if you can complete role challenges over 4 weeks you will be gifted $$$ & a Treasure Map - tip for treasure chest opening - always hit the "open" immediately it as activate-able & for me it guarantees a minimum of 1GB, any delay in opening & that amount decreases, you will also gain $100+ dollars - Treasure Maps also have a random general daily challenge to find a treasure so it's worth keeping 1 or 2 in your bag ready for the challenge to come around. After 9 Role Challenges they lock but u get a x3 payout for completing 9 so when the daily reward is elevated to .25 per challenge u will get .75 GB FREE [every day for that week = 7 x .75 = 5.25 FREE GOLD BARS if u can max Role Challenges every day for the max reward week} 2nd Treasure Map tip - always buy a map when u meet the random seller - $5 for a map will guarantee u 1GB & min $100 dollars using tip 1 so it's a good return on your $5 investment! Good Luck
  21. Yes & no, as Moosh89 says above, only the Perk Card - Paint it Black - allows painting an X on a target - u can toggle an "aim assist" which will increase your accuracy but it is only a slight help & we are left to manually aim our weapons down the sights - take aim & pause slightly to allow aim assist to work then shoot & your accuracy will be improved but you have to toggle aim assist on in your settings [IIRC]
  22. So I removed all my neckwear & the last 4 days I have not lost any outfits from saved - so last night before I finished for the day I recreated all the outfits with the appropriate neckwear & this morning ALL were there - wonder how it will be tomorrow
  23. For me on PC they don't last that long especially if I move away [out of the "cell" area] - it's difficult to gauge how long in minutes or distance & I have been known to leapfrog-carry carcasses to the nearest road to then summon my Hunting Wagon [the only vehicle worth buying IMO] I can then store 5 carcasses in my wagon until I am ready to re-summon it at my camp to hand them in - especially useful when you shoot the legendary animals. Short answer - I don't know how long I tip I can give if you can't afford the wagon is you can lasso & drag a carcass back to camp with NO degradation of the quality - although passers by do give comments - so you can hand in 2 full carcasses at once this way
  24. Ouch! What platform - PC? Were you streaming or anything like that? It is very difficult to follow people across lobbies without some "additional" help
  25. I too have never read a manual - it's places like this amazing forum & its members that you learn all this stuff - you did the best thing & asked & we will always do our best to answer Keep on enjoying it
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