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Trader Bug


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 Since the moonshine update I've been having issues with the Trader's resupply missions too. When I deliver my resupplies I would get the points for the delivery, but the game wouldn't register the supplies. I am able to go back to Cripps & start another resupply mission again. I did 3 resupplies in a row before the game registered the resupplies. The other glitch is when I return with supplies my camp is gone, even though my camp icon is still be on the minimap. 

Since I'm having issues with resupply mission, I tried buy the supplies. Now a new glitch... I have used all my free vouchers for resupplies but I still get the supplies for free when ordering them. Even though it say buy resupplies for $20. When I click to buy, I see the free voucher icon pop up & I get the supplies for free.

Been getting supplies for free for awhile now.

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