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Are treasure maps harder to find nowadays?



So I've been searching for about 4-5 hours a couple locations that a lot o people post on social medias and Youtube about a couple of specific trees that usually have a lantern near them and there are treasure maps on the tree plus a couple other locations that you might find treasure hunters.

First of all I took the Youtube videos as a guide to see where the locations are but the videos are almost 1 year old so I think by experience Rockstar's greediness changed the chances for the maps and (FYI) I tried to change sessions many times and nothing worked . I also tried a lot of other methods such as trying a solo lobby (only lasts for 2 min) entering a strangers mission but until the timer runs out and I had no luck there as well so solo lobbies is a no for me.

These are couple of the locations that I tried.

1)  There are two trees out side Blackwater the one is on the north side once you get out of Blackwater and the other one is on the west side.

2) There is a tree near Thieves landing towards the west side.

3) Couple locations in New Hanover  where there is a Treasure hunter (usually if you open the map it's near the letter "H")

4) Armadillo towards the north side there is a tree on top a rock.

  Plus I searched a couple locations for hideouts but again I had 0 luck plus I think the chance of getting a treasure map from the leader is much less.

So is there anything that am doing wrong or the chances got really low for treasure hunting ? Plus is there anything that can trigger these maps to appear more ??  

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My take on this question...

(was hanging around, hoping for some news of an update because an increase in squirrels ain't cutting it...and Today's update is newbie collectors bonus XP...blah.. doesn't do nothing for me)

Bottom line I think the tree/ maps  are player specific RNG or based on some algorithm…. and not just hanging around like collectables.

Better off working on XP and getting them every 5 levels


90% of the time I find those maps in the woods pinned to a tree I am doing a bounty.  Generally they are there on the way to the sheriff office with the timer clicking down.

The other 10% of the time the tree maps are immediately before/after I pass a 0 or 5 level

Sometimes during a bounty you also find a treasure Hunter selling them for $5.

Most of the time I find treasure maps is looting them off enemies during an interactive event such bounties, defend campsite etc..


Most common thread is bounties….and my theory is that they are there because most bounties generally pay squat...dead or alive, 30 seconds or less.


Have treasure maps been Nerfed... IDK.  I'm maxed out but still get the one every five levels and did pull 2 off bodies last week.  1 was a bounty, the other was during a moonshine mission.  Also bought one of a dude in the woods last week...But yeah they seem to be less frequent nowadays (like animals)


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