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Flavo Avium Gang Recruitment [PS4]


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Let them hate, so long as they fear.


Hello, if you are perhaps interested in joining a gang, maybe you'll give Flavo Avium a shot?

We want to grow as much as we can, and in order to do that we must find new members of course. At thus current time, all of our roles are filled. That being:

The Leader, The Right Hand, The Locus (Enforcer in GTA terms), The Bellatom (Sergeant At Arms) and Trailblazer (Tailgunner),

However we are in need of more regular members.

We are a PS4 only gang as this moment but once we grow we might create an Xbox charter for those who'd like that, though we'd need to find someone to lead that. But for now we are only on PS4.

The gang was founded by myself (though I'm not the leader anymore) and another friend who is no longer in the gang, on the 13th of October 2019 (1899 in the game). We are located in Saint Denis and our logo consists of a two-headed vulture. Our colour is yellow therefore as a Novus (Freshmeat/Prospect) you must wear yellow at all times until you become a full member. The name Flavo Avium means 'yellow bird' in Latin, Bellatom means 'warrior' (to show the purpose of the Bellatom), Locus mean 'location/place' (the Locus is in charge of welcoming the Novus' into their new "place") and Novus means 'new' (to represent the current position of the person joining the gang).

We would appreciate if people would be willing to join the gang or promote it for us in order to try and gain us some more members (read my response below  -Kean).

We have a gang page on Instagram, @FlavoAvium.RDR so please do contact that for more information. 

There is a set of rules that must be followed within the gang so order is kept. If those rules are broken, chances are given, though there will be consequences if rules keep being broken by a singular member. The consequences shouldn't concern anyone as everyone should be following the rules as it is.


12/5/20 (MODERATOR NOTE): OP hasn't come back to visit this site since around the time this thread was opened and / or for the last couple of months. Closing as a result for the sake of other members looking for active groups.

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59 minutes ago, polishcowboah said:

We would appreciate if people would be willing to join the gang or promote it for us in order to try and gain us some more members.

Hi @polishcowboah and welcome to the site.

The intention of this sub forum was as a resource for the community to help find friends / groups to play RDO with.  I get that some folks only join here to tap into that and that's ok but please keep in mind that promoting of your posse can only be done here in this forum and only where appropriate.  Members only get one recruitment thread each.  My suggestion is that you read the forums rules stickied at the top of this page as well.  It's appreciated.   

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